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Matrimonial Bed

Sleeping With Your Spouse

How to sleep with your spouse?

You have already met your spouse, and you have already started to raise her (elevate her by means of chastity). Both of you later agree to co-habituate with each other (please see this link below).

The next step is to sleep with your spouse.

The perverse (humanoids) ones say, “Let us get married together.” Along the Path of the Tao (Razor's Sharp Edge), the couples say together, “Let us sleep together.”

To sleep with your spouse is very difficult. You must purify yourself by means of chastity and actions with goodness. You must kill all forms of lust and impurity by renouncing fornication forever. To sleep with your spouse forms the cross, which is the foundation of monogamous-heterosexuality.

You and your spouse must sleep separate bed for at least three months in order for the body to be fully adjusted and prepared for White Tantra. Both you and your spouse must dress modestly for sleeping. Men must wear pajama pants (or bathing trunks) while the rest of the body is nude; he can optionally wear a shirt for sleeping. Women must wear pajama pants and pajama shirts to cover her breasts. In other words, she must cover her body with her bed clothing. The White Lodge demands modesty, chastity, and purity. You must not sleep naked; it can trigger desire and lust!

For you and your spouse to sleep together, you must purchase (or have) a queen-sized bed or a king-sized bed. For the next three months the yogi (alchemist) must sleep on the left side of the bed, while the yogini (spouse) sleeps on the right side. For female initiates, she sleeps on the right side while he sleeps on the left side.

For the last three months remaining, the yogi sleeps on the right side of the bed while the yogini sleeps on the left side of the bed. For female initiates, she sleeps on the left side while he sleeps on the right side.

During at least nine months, both couple must prepare themselves for White Tantra, the Sahaja Maithuna. The preparation is very difficult. Through rites, meditation, rune, and consciousness awakening, it is always difficult. He who accepts that life is difficult is a stronger adept. Slowly and safely, the body must be prepared for White Tantra. Marriages are serious, committing, and ahava (loving), for marriages are never taken very lightly. Once you are married to your spouse, there is no turning back (or you cannot put asunder).

After the nine (or more) months of preparation can the couple perform sexual alchemy, or sexual intercourse, without spilling the seed. This is how the couple are irreversibly married.

Anyone (including family member or earthly parents) attempting to circumvent the cross (couples sleeping together) will lose their son and daughter by means of divorce (to be disowned by the couple).

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L'Amour Et Psych By William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1899)

The Appearance of Thy Spouse

For those readers who are single and wanting to get married:

While you are waiting for your spouse to appear, you must consider the following:

Your spouse will be more or less imperfect. Your spouse will take in any form that pleases her (or him for woman), never by your expectations. The Ego (Satan, or sinning I) creates expectations, perfections, and conditions. The Ego will create a specific form of a woman (or man for woman) in order to tempt you into adultery and lust. Your job, as a single initiate, is not to obey the Ego; you must kill all expectations of what your spouse will appear as.

Your spouse will take on any form that please the spouse. Your spouse can have a complexion from a solid white to a solid black. Your spouse can have short hair, medium hair, or long hair. Your spouse can have blonde, brown, black, red, or any hair color. Your spouse can have the eye-colors of either black, brown, blue, green, grey, or any. Your spouse can be fat, average, or skinny. Your spouse can be tall, medium, or short. Your spouse may or may not have a mental and/or a physical disability.

As mentioned many mes, whenever your spouse appears, you must accept her (or him for a woman). So likewise, whatever form your spouse takes, you must accept the form of your spouse. The reason that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am listing these characteristics is because you must kill all expectations regarding with the appearance of your spouse. It can be interracial marriage among the humanoids. Of course, appearance is not the only limit.

It can be social status from poor, rich, or in the middle class. It can also be any nationality. She can anywhere from all over the world, yet she does not have to be from your hometown. Another factor involves religion.

Quran 109:6 – “To you be your religion, and to me my religion.”

Your spouse can either originate with the same religion as you or originate from a different religion. There are many religions in the world, yet they all originate from the same path of Gnosis. For example, you originate from Christianity, and some point in life, you meet your spouse. Your spouse takes interest in you, yet her religious origin is from Islam. Although it is interfaith marriage among the humanoids of both Christianity and Islam, both Christianity and Islam are the same thing in regards with Gnosis. Translation from Christianity and Islam and from Islam to Christianity is still possible among the couple. So basically, wherever your spouse’s religious origin is, you must accept it. Religious translation from one religion to another religion is s ll possible as long as both religions are from the same origin of Gnosis. You can be a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindi, or any of the religious background in order to be saved; these paths originated from Gnosis.

The humanoids of the world will not accept willingly that all religions are the same due to the fact that all religions are derived from Gnosis. It is the Ego (Satan, the sinning I) that is accountable for corrupting and dividing all religions into opponents.

This is called the Satanic Cult. Even your earthly parents who have failed to destroy the ego are imperfect and lost. It also includes any of your earthly families who have failed to destroy the ego. Upon hearing of the interfaith (and possible interracial) marriage, this news will hit them very hard and hard to understand. You can be disowned by your family (and/or your earthly parents) as the result of the interfaith (and/or interracial) marriage.

There is only one thing to safely consider: do not marry a spouse who is impure and corrupt. Consider this passage below:

2 Corinthians 6:14 – 18 – Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers (fornicators/black magicians): for what fellowship hath righteousness (goodness) with unrighteousness (impurity)? and what communion hath light (teth-vav-beth) with darkness (resh-ayin)? And what concord hath Christ with Belial (Yahweh)? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel (fornicator/Black Lodge)? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols (materialism)? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean [thing;] and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty (Yah-Havah Elohim).

Satanism is not religion. Satanism itself will deceptively say that it is religion, yet it really is not. Religion is Religare, meaning union in Latin; Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit yug, meaning union. Those who say Satanism brings liberation and union with divinity are sincerely mistaken people. These people are the Black Magicians. The path of Satanism will always pave a road to the abyss. Only an organization that teaches White Tantra (Maithuna) can be called religion.

So, do not marry a woman (or a man for woman) from the Black Lodge. Ahava cannot mix with lust, and Yah-Havah Elohim and the devil cannot mix with each other. You must not touch an impure thing. You must not marry a prostitute. So in other words, do not marry someone who is irreligious.

We, the Gnostic Movement, are a heavenly cult. There is no reason to criticize or discriminate someone’s religious background, for all religions are from the same path of Gnosis. Religion itself is impersonal.

Kill all forms of expectations. Do not think of the appearance or the religious origin of your spouse; likewise, your spouse’s religious origin may be different than yours.

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Bouguereau - First Kiss (1890)

Thou Shalt Ahava Thy Spouse

Thou shalt ahava (‫(אהבה‬ your spouse with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might...

You must impersonally grow very close to your spouse more than all others...

You must ahava (love) your spouse more than all others...

He who want to transform himself into an infallible god has to adore the spouse...

If Ahava and faithfulness are not found within the couple, Matrimony and Sexual Alchemy are useless, and they will not be able to be Christians (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindi, Jews, etc.)...

Consider this passage:

“Such a woman was Mary Magdalene, a companion of the Son. The Lord loved her more than He loved all other disciples and often kissed her on her mouth.” – Gospel of Phillip 55

The companion/spouse of the Lord Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene symbolizes Venus. The Lord Jesus Christ ahava (loved) Mary Magdalene more than all others (including the Disciples).

Please see also:

There is only one spouse in this passage. Only one spouse, no more and no less, is required to awaken the Kundalini and to return to the Garden of Eden. A spouse is also required to give birth “internally” to Jesus Christ by means of Sexual Alchemy.

“Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” – John 3:5-6

You must be born of fire and water; otherwise, you cannot go to heaven. Another name for being born of fire and water is Moshe (‫(משה‬, or Moses.

Polygamy is forbidden. A man with more than one spouse cannot awaken the Kundalini. It is called adultery. A man who commits polygamy is not faithful to one spouse. It is virtually impossible to fully love more than one spouse. You will not be able to receive the true teachings of the Perfect Matrimony by practising polygamy.

Also consider this passage:

“He that loveth father or mother more than me (Jesus Christ) is not worthy of me (to be a Christian): and he that loveth son or daughter more than me (Jesus Christ) is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross (sexual alchemy), and followeth after me (Jesus Christ), is not worthy of me (to be a Christian). He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake (for the sake of Jesus Christ) shall find it (everlasting life).” – Matthew 10:37-39

Whosoever ahava his parents and/or family more than Jesus Christ is not worthy to be a Christian. Whosoever fails to take up the cross of sexual alchemy is also not worthy to be a Christian.

As a result, whoever ahava (loves) his spouse more than anyone else and takes up the cross of sexual alchemy is worthy to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Upon meeting your spouse:

You must be faithful unto your spouse at all times...

You must be fully open to your spouse at all times...

You must fully ahava your spouse at all times...

Following these steps will Christify you and your spouse...


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Psyche Abduction


From, Cohabitation is the act of heterosexual couples (partners) living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being legally married). It is also the living together of a man and woman in a “supposed” sexual relationship.

“Remember, true marriage has nothing to do with the social or religious formulas of this barbaric humanity. The authentic marriage is performed when a couple unites in spirit, soul, and sex; the true marriage must be pure like a lotus flower.” – Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries

It is not uncommon in the Gnostic Movement for partners to practice cohabitation. Cohabitation is on the rise within the last two decades. This is mostly because that legal marriages and weddings are expensive. By expensive, weddings from the United States can average from at least $10,000 to a whopping $88,000. Legal marriages are a barbaric formula of the society of the humanoids. All legal marriages are called false marriages.

For this reason (by the will of the Shekinah [Virgin Mary]), a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife. Together, they shall be one flesh. From Genesis 2:24.

To be one flesh is the sacred act of the Perfect Matrimony. The Perfect Matrimony itself is true marriage. This leads us to this question: Must we get (legally) married in order to perform the immaculate sexual act?

As one of the most frequent questions in Gnostic Teachings, marriage is only performed by sex.

As stated in “The Binding of Marriage”, marriage is not established by words, statutes, constitutions, or laws. It is only established by immaculate sexuality.

Please see also:

To co-habituate with your spouse is never to be taken lightly. Cohabitation is always serious and binding. Both you and your spouse must renounce fornication forever as part of your vows of cohabitation.

Once you and your partner are married by the sexual act, the marriage is permanent and irreversible. As a result, you and your spouse must co-habituate with each other forever.

Cohabitation is a very cheap alternative against legal marriage. If you are living in a city, state (US States as examples: Mississippi or Michigan), or nation that bans cohabitation, I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend revolving out of the city, state, or nation if you are able to do so.

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Why do Intellectual Animals Hate Sexual Magic?

I have received this question recently as it were revealed in my mind, perhaps if it were one of the frequent questions needed to be answered. So: Why do intellectual animals hate sexual magic?

This was initially the most difficult (or a challenging) question to answer until I found two keywords to begin answering this complex question: sexual and magic.

To begin with, let us first look at this simplified question: Why do intellectual animals hate sex?

Those who hate sex are infrasexual. Infrasexuality is not normal sexuality; it is below-normal sexuality. There are two types of infrasexuality in the Klipoth (literally empty shell or hell): Lilith (לילית) and Nahemah (נעמה). Lilith and Nahemah are also the named daughters of Lot (Genesis 19:30-38 does not reveal the names of Lot's daughters). Lilith was the firstborn. Nahemah was the youngest daughter. Both are accountable of getting Lot intoxicated so that the two daughters raped him without any knowledge. Both daughters became pregnant and bore children.

Lilith by John Collier 1887

Lilith is the abominable mother of homosexuality, masturbation, sexual degeneration, abortions, and all crimes against nature. Lilith is Hebrew for Night Visitor; in addition, there is another Hebrew name meaning doorway to night: Delilah (דלילה). Delilah (Lilith) is responsible for cutting the hair of Samson (שמשאון), representing fornication. Lilith is also the mother of incubi and sucubi, created by those who spill the seed by masturbation and fornication. Lilith is also the vampire queen. All vampires are homosexuals that morally hate the cross (heterosexuality). Homosexuals are either Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, or Transgender. Those under the influence of Lilith is sexually degenerated; escaping from the Sphere of Lilith is exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

Nahemah is the abominable mother of malignant beauty, prostitutes, adultery, and all forms of fornication. For the one who commits adultery, the White Lodge reserves the right to take away his rightful spouse to toss the adulterer into the malignant arms of Nahemah. Fornicators, prostitutes, and adulterers are under the influence of Nahemah; escaping from the Sphere of Nahemah is possible, yet not as difficult than the Sphere of Lilith.

The antithesis of both Lilith and Nahemah is Anael (חניאל). Anael is the Angel of Ahava. It is written in the sixth invocation of the Conjuration of the Seven: “In the divine and human name of El Shaddai, and by the sign of pentagram that I hold in my right hand! In the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Yah-Hovah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah!” Anael represents the planet Venus, whose regent of Auriel.

The second question will be simplified as the following: Why do intellectual animals hate magic?

The intellectual animals who hate magic do not know how the manage the forces of nature, for they are slaves to the forces of nature. The intellectual animals have committed the unforgivable sin of fornication and are expelled from the Garden of Eden. Those who fornicate are no longer able to manage the forces of nature; they are simultaneously enslaved by the forces of nature.

Now we arrive at this question: Why do intellectual animals hate sexual magic?

The resolved answer now goes by the following: The intellectual animals morally hate sexual magic because they do not really know the difference between real sexuality and infrasexuality. The humanoids confuse sexuality with infrasexuality, going far into defending infrasexuality (fornication) as normal. All humanoids confuse sexuality with fornication. All humanoids are not sexual beings; they are infrasexual beings which their residences are in the Abyss. All humanoids are slaves to the forces of nature. For the infrasexuals, the Abyss is their path to their Second Death. Real sexuality is the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F., which is the true source of liberation.


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Oil Diffuser

Air Quality In Your Room

The air quality in your room does matter...

As Samael Aun Weor said, “The devotee must purify the bedroom daily with the smoke of special aromatic substances.”

We, in the Gnostic Movement, take air quality in our rooms very seriously...

Did you not know that a very poor air quality in your room breeds astral larvae and all other foul odors, viruses, mildew, mold, and smells? Yes; smoking cigarettes (or psychedelic drugs like marijuana), littering, pollution, and all other abominable vices create very poor air quality in your room. As a result, the devotee himself must bath himself daily. He himself must reject and renounce the abominable vice of smoking cigarettes, herbs, vape products, and/or psychedelic drugs forever.

One must also clean his room daily to be free from astral larvae, airborne viruses, airborne bacteria, and all types of air pollution.

Piranha nightmare

Astral Larvae are animalistic, impure creatures (ultra-microbes) from the Klipoth (created by fornication) that feed on other people’s energy in order to survive. Astral Larvae are terribly, perverse fornicators of the Klipoth. The worst of the astral larvae are incubi (male larvae stealing female semen) and succubi (female larvae stealing male semen). These entities (called elementaries) are responsible for stealing sexual energy from you in a normal dream state; this is called nocturnal pollution. Nocturnal pollution (sexual, wet dream) is one of the worst dreams known to man, and it creates a very grave problem for the devotee. Once this occurs, recovery from nocturnal pollution is frighteningly difficult, not impossible.

The only known permanent cure for nocturnal pollution is the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Or also known as practicing immaculate sexual magic with your spouse). Other non-permanent solutions include the melon-musk remedy or purifying the room with three options.

Option #1 (not recommended for careless, conscious-sleeping humanoids): If lawfully permissible in your apartment or house (if not, omit option #1), you can purchase an incense bowl, a fireproof plate, incense sticks, resins, smudge sticks, charcoal, etc. These things make a neat collection in your room. It does have a black-box warning: it is not for those who are careless about fire safety. An impure humanoid who accidentally starts a wildfire is consciously asleep and careless. Fire safety is one of our top priority; be cautious and be safe (period). Please see references to know how to use incense sticks and resins.

Option #2: You can also purchase an oil diffuser. Oil diffusers can cost around $30 to at least $50 in a healthy supermarket, or the website that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend is Rocky Mountain Oils (see reference). These machines do not emit heat, and they use ultrasonic energy to turn water infused with essential oils into vapor.

Option #3: You can also purchase an ozone generator to eliminate bad odors, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, airborne pollution, or even smoke. I recommend the air-series ozone generator for a stronger and be er result. Around 3.5 grams of ozone per hour or 7 grams ozone per hour would suffice, yet (for OSHA safety) you must be out of the affected room once the ozone generator starts running. You can also use a multi-purpose (cheaper water series: Aqua-6 or Aqua-8) to ozonate the room for bedrooms and bathrooms. Please see references below.

These three things are associated aromatherapy. To kill astral larvae, one can use sulphur powder to sprinkle on the shoes, or smoke it with charcoal (yet you need to leave the affected room once it starts to smoke for a few hours). If not sulphur, you can use asafoetida (used as spice for cooking), juniper, sage, benzoin, or camphor. You can also use a salt lamp, which emits negative ions and attracts positive ions like a magnet. Salt Lamps can also be used in altars, in regards with fire safety.

No Smoking!

So, you must clean your room and purify the air in your room with these types of aromatherapy. If you do not, you will easily attract hordes of astral parasites in your room, and maybe you will have your sexual fires stolen (in your dreams) by either the incubi or the succubi, making the recovery frighteningly difficult. Oh and please, no smoking or vaping (ever)!


The Pentagram of Man

The Fifth Element

There are five elements that you must have in order to reach self-realization and unity with the divine. There are four elements that you must first acquire before taking on the Fifth Element. Once all the five elements are acquired in the proper order, only then you will awaken the Kundalini.

The Kundalini is the Divine Mother Kundalini. She is Shekinah, Virgin Mary, Isis, Tara, Athena, Tonantzin, etc. The Divine Mother Kundalini has many names.

“Powers of the Kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand.” – First line from Invocation of Solomon.

You must need earth. Kingdom in Hebrew is Malkuth. You need a solid foundation. The key to the solid foundation is the stone. The Stone is related with Yesod, the sexual energy. Chastity is the path to strengthen the foundation. Foods needed for Earth are grains; another way for Earth is that you can eat the bread from the Holy Eucharist.

You must need fire. With your right hand, utilize the sexual fire the right way. You must use the stone for goodness of others. Shin represents fire. Sexual energy must be trapped, transmuted upwards, and putted to use. Foods needed for fire are white and red meat (excluding unclean animals, please see Leviticus 11:1-47); red meat is very strong fire and you must eat it once every three days or more.

You must need water. With your left hand, do not let yourself drown by sexual waters by letting yourself fall into impurity. Mem represents water. Learn to walk on the sexual waters by the path of righteousness and upright chastity. Build an ark. Ark is also associated with ark-canum. Food needed for water is fish (never unclean seafood).

You must need air. With your right foot, learn to dominate the sexual energies with your willpower. Without this element, you will fail on the Razor's Sharp Edge miserably. The brain must dominate sex. The Venus Symbol must stand upright by the circle over the cross. To dominate and conquer sexual energy requires great willpower. The battle against the negative serpent is never-ending and very difficult. Aleph represents air. Foods needed for air is wine; the wine that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am talking is unfermented grape juice (it is not alcoholic wine).

The True Venus Symbol.

You must have all the four elements under your command and control. With all four required elements under your command, you are now given the key to the fifth element. The Key is the Venus Symbol. You must be patient. Once it is time for full self-realization and awakening of the Kundalini according to the will of Jah-Hovah Elohim, you will be given the fifth element: the Woman.

The woman represents the Ether, which is the source to realize the universe and the seven heavens. The seven heavens resides within the Tree of Life. With the head as your guiding force, you must connect sexually with your woman without spilling the divine energy. Your woman is your spouse. Your woman is your priestess-spouse. Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus Christ, represents your priestess-spouse. The actions needed for ether is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The sacred Arcanum A.Z.F. is the immaculate sexual magic of both priest and priestess-spouse. The secret: introduce the virile member into the vagina and withdraw it without spilling the divine energy.

With all five elements under your command, the doors to the internal worlds and the superior worlds are opened before you and your spouse. With all five elements, you will be able to return to the Garden of Eden with your spouse. With all five elements, you will be able to enter into the congregation of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

Burglar and a thief


Did you not know that a plagiarist is a fornicator?

A plagiarist is a thief that steals the creator’s original content, and then publishes the stolen content publicly. He would then claim that he is the owner of that content, which he is actually not by failing to disclose the real credit of its content and does so without explicit permission. With credits, he can deceptively credit himself as the original author.

A plagiarist lacks creative abilities of his own and lives through the desire of personal or impersonal gain to steal content in order to survive like the psychological aggregate. Like a prideful aggregate, he desires to be number one above everything else. Like fornication and lust, desires are not and will never be satisfied.

An example to this is Andrea Harrington, also known as High Priestess Maxine Dietrich from (or [a forerunner of Neo-Nazism]). She is known to steal content from occult and metaphysical authors, and then she claims that she received it from “Satan and the gods/demons”. Later, she posted them stolen content deceptively and rewording whenever necessary. She is also known for scanning copyrighted books into pdf files, and then she illicitly posted them to the public on one of her Neo-Nazi/Satanic websites (I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, forgot the source of the website; nevertheless, I witnessed these illicit pdf files uploaded while surfing there). Andrea Harrington herself recommended fornication to her readers/followers and prohibits chastity on her website, going far as to label as “unhealthy”. Behold, Andrea Harrington is not only a fornicator, she is also a black magician.

Fortunately, the plagiarist will meet his downfall into pain and suffering.

The original creators will always be chaste, for he has creative powers and the ability to kill all forms of desire. For I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, create all original work. If it is not original, I would make reference or guide you to the source of the original work. Most of my inspiration of writing all the posts on my blogs are done so from receiving knowledge from the superior worlds, or applying knowledge and experience into a major lesson for all of humanity to know and what to experience.

The abominable vice of plagiarism will destroy your reputation like fragile glass. Once broken, it cannot be repaired. Please don’t plagiarize...

Bonus: Your Spouse

Plagiarism is not limited to stealing the owner's original content; plagiarism is also defined in a relationship. Plagiarism, in relationships, defines as stealing or taking a spouse that is not yours and claiming her as your spouse. Plagiarism itself is Adultery. Plagiarism is desire.

For those who have creative abilities, he will be able to patiently receive his spouse from the White Lodge when he is ready to be married. Once received, he will have his true and rightful spouse as his original spouse. The original spouse is the original work made by the author.


Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Be warned: Thou shalt not commit adultery...

Adultery, like fornication, is an unforgivable sin...

One of the Ten Commandments reads: “Thou shalt not desire your neighbor’s wife”.

He, who is married to his spouse, chooses to have an affair with a spouse who is not his, and the consequences for this will be the following:

You are unforgiven...

You are impure and unclean for the remaining of your days...

You will lose your true spouse, vested by the White Lodge...

He who is unfaithful to his spouse and has an affair with the spouse who is not his will inevitably destroy his own house...

He who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so will destroy himself like a consuming fire...

So, adulterers and adulteresses, thou hath been warned...

Here is also the warning message for married beings or single beings who currently have a spouse:

“Teach your spouses to kill adultery and lust. Teach your spouses chas ty and sexual transmutation. So likewise, you, too, must kill adultery and fornica on. You, too, must be taught chastity and sexual transmutation.

“The White Lodge has delivered you your spouse so that you and your spouse will be faithful to each other forever. Upon uniting sexual between you and your spouse, you and your spouse permanently agree to be with each other forever. Marriage itself is irreversibly and permanently binding forever. You will not put asunder your spouses, unless your spouse is virtually guilty of fornication and adultery of another person instead of you.

“If for any reason your spouse is unfaithful unto you, she is secretly suspected of fornication and adultery. If proven guilty of fornication and adultery, divorce your spouses out of your house, vested unto you by the White Lodge. So likewise, your spouse, vested by the White Lodge, will also divorce you out of your house should you be unfaithful and commit adultery.”

“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God (Yah-Havah Elohim) will judge.” – Hebrews 13:4

As mention in my autobiographic blog, “The Unforgiving Sin of My Earthly Parents”, I had an ex-uncle who has committed adultery with a woman, who is not my earthly aunt. The end result: both my ex-uncle and my earthly aunt were divorced near the dawn of the new millennium (around 1999). This will be the end result should you or your spouse choose to commit adultery. All desires are not and will never be satisfied. So, you have been warned: Thou shalt not commit adultery...


How to Make the Eucharist Bread

How do you make the Eucharist Bread?

It is a communion to take part of the Eucharist.

In the featured image above, you will see coin in the Chalice with the letters “JHS” JHS is in Latin, and J is actually an I in Roman, Greek, and Hebrew Alphabet (IHS). IHS is short form Iesus Hominum Salvator. Iesus Hominum Salvator is Latin for Jesus, Savior of Men.

Behold, you will need the Bread and the Wine.

Bread is the masculine food of the Eucharist, representing the body of Christ. Bread represents the elemental Earth.

“Wine (alcohol) is a mocker, strong drink (alcoholic spirits) is a brawler, and whoever is led astray (intoxicated) by them is not wise.” – Proverbs 20:1

Wine is the feminine food of the Eucharist, representing the blood of Christ. Wine represents the element of air. Wine only means non-alcoholic grape juice. Wine is not champagne, alcoholic wine, etc. The Greek God of Wine is Dionysus. The non-alcoholic grape juice, the real wine, is the positive pole of Dionysus. Alcoholic drinks, including alcoholic wine, is the negative pole of Dionysus. Be warned: Alcohol is a mocker.

Do not use alcohol in the Eucharist. Alcohol is a depressant-type drug. It is obvious that the etymology of alcohol is from the Arabic word: Algol. Algol, or al-ghul, is Arabic for “the Demon”. Those who drink and depend on alcohol begin to fall under an intoxicating spell of Algol, which results in possession of Algol. Drinking alcohol while intoxicated will turn humans into beggars; even worse, those who refuse to renounce the demonic vice of alcohol will pave their own roads to their own grave, or to the Abyss.

The wine that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend for the Eucharist is Kosher, non-alcoholic grape juice. The brands that I recommend are Lakewood, De La Rosa, or Kedem as long as these brands are only non-alcoholic.


I) Chastity

II) Altar


I) 4 ounces of water

II) 1 tablespoon of Raw Honey

III) ½ teaspoon of salt

IV) 1 ½ tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

V) 1 cup of Kosher Whole Wheat Flour (so far, Whole Foods Brand has Kosher that I know) with ¼ cup in reserve for knitting

VI) 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil used for cooking


  1. Boil ½ cup of water in the pan (save the pan for the last 4 instructions)

  2. Place 1 tablespoon of honey in the mixing bowl, and pour boiling water into the mixing bowl.

  3. Dissolve the honey fully by stirring water and honey.

  4. Add salt, olive oil, and 1 cup of flour into the honey-water mixture.

  5. Because the bread does not require a lot of knitting, the mixture will be sticky after step 4. Knit and add any or all of the ¼ cup of the flour to ensure that the bread is not sticky for the next step.

  6. After all the sizes are knitted and not sticky, heat up ½ tablespoon of olive oil in the pan used from step 1. The olive oil, when heated, must be nearly transparent without any signs of boiling.

  7. Place the bread in the pan, flatten it very carefully on the edges, cover it with a lid, and heat it medium-low for five minutes.

  8. Flip and cook the other side for three minutes.

  9. Let the bread cool down prior to the Eucharist.

  10. Perform the Eucharist (provided with link) with the bread and the juice.

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