Oil Diffuser

Air Quality In Your Room

The air quality in your room does matter...

As Samael Aun Weor said, “The devotee must purify the bedroom daily with the smoke of special aromatic substances.”

We, in the Gnostic Movement, take air quality in our rooms very seriously...

Did you not know that a very poor air quality in your room breeds astral larvae and all other foul odors, viruses, mildew, mold, and smells? Yes; smoking cigarettes (or psychedelic drugs like marijuana), littering, pollution, and all other abominable vices create very poor air quality in your room. As a result, the devotee himself must bath himself daily. He himself must reject and renounce the abominable vice of smoking cigarettes, herbs, vape products, and/or psychedelic drugs forever.

One must also clean his room daily to be free from astral larvae, airborne viruses, airborne bacteria, and all types of air pollution.

Piranha nightmare

Astral Larvae are animalistic, impure creatures (ultra-microbes) from the Klipoth (created by fornication) that feed on other people’s energy in order to survive. Astral Larvae are terribly, perverse fornicators of the Klipoth. The worst of the astral larvae are incubi (male larvae stealing female semen) and succubi (female larvae stealing male semen). These entities (called elementaries) are responsible for stealing sexual energy from you in a normal dream state; this is called nocturnal pollution. Nocturnal pollution (sexual, wet dream) is one of the worst dreams known to man, and it creates a very grave problem for the devotee. Once this occurs, recovery from nocturnal pollution is frighteningly difficult, not impossible.

The only known permanent cure for nocturnal pollution is the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Or also known as practicing immaculate sexual magic with your spouse). Other non-permanent solutions include the melon-musk remedy or purifying the room with three options.

Option #1 (not recommended for careless, conscious-sleeping humanoids): If lawfully permissible in your apartment or house (if not, omit option #1), you can purchase an incense bowl, a fireproof plate, incense sticks, resins, smudge sticks, charcoal, etc. These things make a neat collection in your room. It does have a black-box warning: it is not for those who are careless about fire safety. An impure humanoid who accidentally starts a wildfire is consciously asleep and careless. Fire safety is one of our top priority; be cautious and be safe (period). Please see references to know how to use incense sticks and resins.

Option #2: You can also purchase an oil diffuser. Oil diffusers can cost around $30 to at least $50 in a healthy supermarket, or the website that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend is Rocky Mountain Oils (see reference). These machines do not emit heat, and they use ultrasonic energy to turn water infused with essential oils into vapor.

Option #3: You can also purchase an ozone generator to eliminate bad odors, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, airborne pollution, or even smoke. I recommend the air-series ozone generator for a stronger and be er result. Around 3.5 grams of ozone per hour or 7 grams ozone per hour would suffice, yet (for OSHA safety) you must be out of the affected room once the ozone generator starts running. You can also use a multi-purpose (cheaper water series: Aqua-6 or Aqua-8) to ozonate the room for bedrooms and bathrooms. Please see references below.

These three things are associated aromatherapy. To kill astral larvae, one can use sulphur powder to sprinkle on the shoes, or smoke it with charcoal (yet you need to leave the affected room once it starts to smoke for a few hours). If not sulphur, you can use asafoetida (used as spice for cooking), juniper, sage, benzoin, or camphor. You can also use a salt lamp, which emits negative ions and attracts positive ions like a magnet. Salt Lamps can also be used in altars, in regards with fire safety.

No Smoking!

So, you must clean your room and purify the air in your room with these types of aromatherapy. If you do not, you will easily attract hordes of astral parasites in your room, and maybe you will have your sexual fires stolen (in your dreams) by either the incubi or the succubi, making the recovery frighteningly difficult. Oh and please, no smoking or vaping (ever)!