The Annunciation

All About God-Given Names

What are God-Given Names all about?

You would assume that God-Given Names is the name that you were given by your earthly parents and that the God-Given Name matches with the registered, legal name on your identification cards. God-Given names have nothing to do with legal names, or names given to you by your earthly parents out of unclean conception (fornication).

Legal names and names given to you by your earthly parents are personal names. Personal names are the persona (the mask/identification) of you; personas represent you. You, my friend, are not a persona, or a personal name.

All souls are impersonal. Souls are not legal names, personas, and/or personal names. In other words, you are not a persona. Whatever the name that your earthly parents gave you, out of unclean conception, is not your God-Given Name.

God-Given Names are not desired nor avoided, but earned through moral progress. God-Given Names are impersonal names. In case you were raising a divine child through immaculate conception (with the guidance of the Elohim), an angel will appear to both you and your spouse, and the angel will tell the married couple what to exactly name the child. As a divine rule, parents are not allowed to name newborn babies on their own.

Gabriel is the regent of the Moon and directly influences all forms of conception. His recurring appearance in the Bible indicates the arrival of children.

Yet in this day, modern parents are still naming newborn babies on their own; the cause of this is fornication. And whenever couples (married or not) commit the unforgivable sin of fornication for the purpose of raising a family, they are immediately stripped from the connection from the divine and also lose direct connection with Yod-Havah Elohim. In addition, they are simultaneously expelled from the Garden of Eden to wander in the wilderness of pain and suffering. To fornicate is to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. By fornicating, both couples die spiritually. Childbirth was severely painful with hardship, due to conception out of balance against nature. If a child was born out of fornication, it is born a demon.

Also as a general rule, both married couple are not allowed to have children on their own. For the case of raising a child, immaculate conception occurred in the temples, never at homes. This case always occurred during the Lemurian Age (Auriel was the avatar of the 3rd Root Race) before the fall of man. In order to have divine children, both couple must pray to Yod-Havah Elohim (or their Innermost) for a divine child. This simple prayer to Gabriel is for those who want to raise a divine child out of immaculate conception found in 1 Samuel 1:11:

“O LORD of hosts (Yod-Havah Zabaoth), if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the LORD (Yod-Havah) all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head.”

Then the angels of Yod-Havah will reveal to the couples the exact day and hour in a dream so that the couple can perform the sacred act of fertilization.

This sacrament is supervised by the Elohim to guide a single sperm to meet an egg at the exact moment needed in order to engender a deliberate and divine child. This is immaculate conception, creating a divine child without fornication and with the guidance of the Elohim. Childbirth always occurred without pain and hardship, because conception occurred in balance and harmony with nature. Clean and holy is the child born out of immaculate conception. Born out of immaculate conception is the child of resurrection.

So, God-Given names are earned by moral progression and given impersonally by Yod-Havah Elohim. If you were to ask me: What is my God-Given Name?

My answer: Realize yourself. Keep doing chastity. With patience, you will be given a God-Given Name. Do not expect the God-Given Name to be given to you. Only you can find your God-Given Name.

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