#Angel #Elohim

Angels had, have, and will always have the impersonal characteristics by the following list:

I) Androgynous

A) They are always male and female.

B) They are the Elohim.

II) Long Hair

A) Long hair is the symbol of purity and chastity.

III) Humility

A) They are humble servants of Yod-Havah.

IV) Youthful

A) They always appear young like children.

V) Chastity

A) They always retain the seed and are chaste.

VI) Goodness

They have goodness, or ‫טוב‬ (Teth-Vav-Beth), and they are beyond the subjunctive good and evil.

VII) Ahava

A) They ahava (love) and assist those who are pure and chaste.

VIII) White Lodge

A) They are the White Lodge.