Adoration of the Sheperds - Matthias Stromer


There are two types of conception. There is an immaculate conception, and there is a sinful conception.

Immaculate conception is a conception, or childbirth, which is perfectly clean and free from impurity. Immaculate conception is the result of the immaculate sexual intercourse, supervised by the Elohim and guided by the will of Yah-Hovah. At the time of Lemuria, immaculate sexual intercourse was practiced at the temples, never at homes. The angels supervised this holy sacrament to guide a single sperm to meet an egg at the precise moment needed to engender a deliberate and divine child. Through immaculate conception, severe pains in childbirth was and still is virtually impossible. Through immaculate conception in balance and harmony with nature, a divine child is born. A divine child is conceived by the grace and will of the Holy Spirit.

Sinful conception is an unforgivable conception which is impure and unclean. Sinful conception is the result of fornication, or eating the Forbidden Fruit. Severe pain in childbirth is always common only with sinful conception. Sinful conception is also the origin of desire and suffering of all humanity. Sinful conception will always give birth to a demon in a physical body. Sinful conception will always strip the couple from the divine and will bring forth spiritual death. Likewise, the desire to have children is not and will not be satisfied. Sinful conception is how the couples banish themselves from the Garden of Eden.

The intellectual humanoids will always defend and justify the sinful conception as natural. There is no justification for sin. Sinful conception is never natural. These are sincerely mistaken people. Their place will be in the abyss. Like the black magicians, the humanoids morally hate immaculate conception. These are also sincere blasphemers of the Holy Spirit, for they are ignorant of the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. Modern medicine, nowadays, uses C-section (Cesarean Section) for childbirth, thinking that C-section is the only escape from severe pains in childbirth. The obvious answer: C-section is not the solution against severe pains in childbirth.

C-section is not the answer while the woman is delivering her baby in childbirth. Severe, unforgivable pain in childbirth is always the result of eating the forbidden fruit, or by spilling the seed through orgasm. Look no closely at Genesis 3:16.

There is always no pain in childbirth if and only if conception was performed by the grace and will of the Holy Spirit. The door back to Eden is the same door which Adam and Eve departed (the couple). The door back to the Garden of Eden is through chastity and sexual alchemy of husband and wife. Remember: you and your spouse are not allowed to have children on your own. You must ask and obey the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim in order to have children. When you receive a child by your wife (woman), it will be so by the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim. What you will name the baby must be exactly named by the will and command of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

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