Department of Corrections

Correct Thyself

You must correct yourself; not by harmful, cruel, or unusual self-punishments, yet by correcting and dominating your sexual behavior. It is sexual energy that you must dominate and conquer. Sexual energy cannot be contained; it does not idle or rest. If you suppress sexual energy, it will behave destructively and internally through the mind, through anger, or through sexual degeneration. As I told you about the word of chastity, chastity does not mean to avoid sex; chastity means to avoid fornication, or spilling the seed to orgasm. Chastity is the sexual transmutation which the sexual energies are drawn inwards and upwards.

Right now, there are too many fornicators around the world, which is the real cause of pollution. When they shamelessly blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, they do not care a whim of their crime. Those who blasphemy against the Holy Spirit are not correcting themselves and are wasting their own times in regards of taking the path back to heaven. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. Fornicators, called intellectual animals (mistakenly called humans), are not kings and queens of nature; they are tossed and turned by the forces of nature. Woe unto the fornicators that overpopulated the world with fornication and impurity! For them, all of the fornicators will be destroyed by fires and earthquakes.

Even a fatal antithesis of the essence will not and will refuse to correct itself. This fatal antithesis of the essence is the sinning “I”. The sinning “I” itself is born out of fornication and impurity. The pluralized “I” will resist arrest. The pluralized “I” will flee from justice. The sinning “I” wants to continue in committing the terrible crimes of impurity forever with its life. The “I” does not want to die.

Behold the rapists and the sexual criminals! These are the intellectual animals that have failed to correct their sexual behavior and allowed themselves to be dominated by sexual energies and desire. They have precipitated themselves into their prisons and especially: into the Abyss.

Even worse, the humanoids are trying to correct nature. They, the intellectual animals, are also trying to manipulate the weather. These are crimes against nature. The humanoids sincerely mistaken themselves by self-calling kings and queens of nature. The humanoids will never be successful in manipulating the weather or correcting nature. Only real humans, born of fire and water, are able to manage the forces of nature and manipulate the weather.

The only way left for humanity to clean up the pollution is to correct themselves. You must correct yourself.