It is never recommended to discipline anyone. Not even should you discipline anyone who is in great distress; you could be a victim of crime or you can make yourself look worse. Neither should you tell anyone to be nice. Let us look at the word: discipline.

Through the words of the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, “discipline is the 'cultivation of resistance.'” Discipline is the way of resisting against impurity. Discipline is also the act of punishing, correcting, or chastising others. The ignoramus believe that self-discipline or discipline gains comprehension. In the name of truth, those who discipline themselves or others do not comprehend anything. Instead, discipline plummets those including themselves into a tighter state of conscious sleep. Discipline only worsens the situation; it does not improve the situation. Discipline can seriously destroy friendship.

To tell someone to be nice is telling someone to resist impurity with very little to no comprehension. Of course, he who self-disciplines to be nice cannot comprehend the impurity of the sinning “I”. Impurity may disappear as the self-disciplinarian may believe to assume. If he lets his vigilance down, impurity will resume its course through another secret door. Impurities knows the psychological moon, and it knows secret doors that no self-disciplinarian can be aware of. This is order with no freedom. Did you not know that disciplinarians are tyrants?

As I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, told you about freedom and order in the realm of government. Freedom without order is anarchy. Order without freedom is tyranny. We must have a balance of freedom and order. If you seriously want to kill impurity, then you must have the freedom to comprehend the sinning “I”. We must spread awareness of what the sinning “I” behaves.

Instead of discipline, we should helping each other. If you find someone under a distress, only ask them: “What ails you?”, “What attitude possesses you?”, “What's wrong with you?”, or any of the like. Asking these will help the distressed one to open up to you. You can help him comprehend the distress that one is going through. The distressed one needs help in comprehension. Only by helping someone through stress or distress can improve the situation. Helping others always maintain a healthy friendship.

Here is a defense course to protect yourself and others from discipline. It will also save you from being the victim of crime (being hurt or killed). This is indeed hard to do. If you find someone disciplining you, do not discipline them back; instead, walk away and avoid the disciplinarian if possible. If they do not stop disciplining you, then you could tell them: “Do not talk to me again.” What if your boss is the disciplinarian, what is the use? Resignation is the only option should discipline be in the equation.

Right now, it is too dangerous to simply discipline anyone. You could even be at loss of words attempting to discipline anyone; this is indeed a true failure. Your life can be put on the line should you discipline anyone. Your best defense is not to discipline anyone. Walk away from anyone with the premeditation to discipline you.