Lord Jesus Christ with his pentagram salutation sign

Exposing The Art of Sungazing

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Today, I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, begin to expose the darkest secrets of sungazing out of my experience. Please note that I did not include the picture of the sun as the featured image, mostly likely for those enticed back into sungazing.

I have began sungazing around December 2011, and I finally decided to wage war against sungazing at November 21st, 2019, despite I took a few breaks on these occasions: July to September 2012, October 2017 until October 2018, and from October 2018 until November 21st, 2019. Here is my main motivator that I chose to withdraw and wage war against sungazing:

I was sungazing with the timer set to 45 minutes on a semi-cold morning and the skies were clear (no clouds were present). The sun began to slowly rise from an gold-glowing ball of light into a silky-white ball of light. During this session on a few occasions, I saw the superior (major) ray pointing downwards from the sun with four more minor rays higher than the superior ray. This formation of the five rays is an uncanny resemblance of the inverted pentagram.

The inverted pentagram is the inverted flaming star that the black magicians used for spilling the divine energy and creating the famous Tail of Satan. The inverted pentagram is also used to represent Satan and to draw the sexual energies downwards. To draw the sexual energy downwards is to fornicate. Its antithesis is the superior flaming star.

The superior flaming star is the superior pentagram with its major rays pointing upwards. The superior flaming star represents purity and chastity. It is the sacred symbol of Jesus Christ and the tetragrammaton. The superior pentagram is used to transmute sexual energies upwards.

Upon seeing this perverse fallen star, I attempted to ward it off with the pentagram sign and forming the cross (using the rays with my own mind to form the cross). The pentagram sign is the sign made by the right hand by the following order: The thumb, the index, and the middle finger are pointed upwards while the ring and the pinky fingers are pointed downwards. This is the same sign used by Jesus Christ in a lot of masterpieces of artwork. I also attempted to use spiritual defenses used from Gnostic Teachings. It was mostly fruitless to do so, and after the session ended, I decided to bring sungazing to a final close.

Upon closing my sungazing career, I will instruct those who are still doing sungazing by the following order:

I) You must renounce sungazing forever.

II) Sungazing is Satanic; the superior ray from the sun pointing downwards creating the inverted pentagram is undeniable proof of the black magicians.

III) You must be ready to engage is a full-fledge battle against the demons. It is very difficult to unbind; you must use spiritual defenses. Once you begin to renounce sungazing forever, you are declaring war against the Black Lodge. The Black Lodge will begin to attack you. Spiritual defenses are paramount.

IV) You will lose black magical powers (powers bestowed by demons) upon closing your sungazing career. The demon of sungazing must be destroyed once and for all.

V) Practice chastity everyday and perform the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. Why not gain white magical powers with the foundation stone?

VI) Accept Christ Jesus in your life.

VII) You have a life, and sungazing is not part of your life. Why not redeem yourself by utilizing the proper use of sex?

VIII) Educate others about the dangers of sungazing (link provided in reference).

IX) Drive the inverted pentagram away by using the superior pentagram. Impurity cannot drive away impurity; only goodness can drive away impurity.

In closing, sungazing will not be taught, used, or experienced in the Gnostic Movement. I will now only teach you meditation, runes, spiritual defenses, and anything related to the White Lodge. Sungazing is impure, and it will pollute you. Do not sungaze.

P.S. – I happened to admit that I used to ask a forum question about the Gnostic view of sungazing. One of the instructors said the very thing by the following words (approximate enough out of memory): “Sungazing is not taught, used, or experienced in Gnosis. We use runes, meditation, prayers, etc.” It just happened that I deleted this question upon my final return of sungazing; I hope everyone forgives me what I have done, for I did not know the consequences of continuing sungazing sessions.



https://gnosticteachings.org/courses/defense-for-spiritual-warfare.html – Spiritual Defense in times of warfare