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How To Cast Magic Spells

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A spell is the proper Verb who manipulates the forces of nature. A spell is a verbal, mental, or spiritual formula which has the power to manipulate the forces of nature. The Verbal, mental, or spiritual formula is the Verb, or John/Juan/IEOUAMS ( As a disclaimer, this is a practical magic post; none of the spells are theoretical, dogmatic, or believable.

Most of the times, tools are not required. A recommended exercises for preparing for white magic is the Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation ( You can also however look into the books by Samael Aun Weor in the following references at the footnotes.

For white magic, there are limitations on how you can cast a spell:

I) To properly cast a spell requires chastity.

II) To properly cast a spell is to read the Book of Law (Bible, Quran, Torah, Sutras, etc.).

III) To properly cast a spell requires chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F.. You must not fornicate.

IV) Prayers themselves are defensive magic spells which drives away demons.

V) To properly cast a spell requires very strong concentration and great willpower.

VI) To properly cast a spell requires you to be diligent, kind, charitable, temperance, humble, and patience.

VII) To properly cast a spell requires knowledge of the Verb and the Seven Vowels.

VIII) To properly cast a spell may require the Magic of the Runes (Thorn, Dagaz, Ar, Rita, Hagal, Not, Gibor, Is, Eihwaz, Uruz, Man, Yr, Sig, Kaum, Fehu, Os, Dorn, Tyr, Bar, Laf, Ingwaz, Jera, & Wunjo [please see reference below])

IX) The power to properly cast a spell is True Ahava (

X) You must not cast a spell for hypnotism, fornication, desire, necromancy, or impurity (personal gain is an example). This is sorcery. Desires are never satisfied.

There are three levels on how you cast a spell:

I) Physical verb – This is easier to perform, and it is the beginner level for the white magician. Chastity is required for this level. Do not cast the physical verb mechanically, or it will do no spell.

II) Mental verb – This is a harder to perform than the physical verb. This time, the mind speaks as if it were physically speaking for itself. The mind must be whiten in order to perform this feat. To whiten is to cleanse all impurities by killing the sinning “I” and cultivate it with goodness and ahava. It too requires great concentration, chastity, and willpower. This is the intermediate level for the white magician, yet the mental verb is more powerful than the physical verb.

III) Soul verb – This is the hardest verb of them all, and it is indeed the advanced level for the white magician. The sexual force must be whiten. It is sex that the human soul is born. This fallen sexual force is called Shaddai, literally known as the Devil/Destroyer. Another name for the fallen sexual force is Shaitan, the enemy in Hebrew (Shin-Teth-Nun) or the fiery serpent of sex. This fiery serpent of sex must be dominated and conquered so that you can whiten it back to Lucifer, or light-ferrier. Without Lucifer, there is no life. Shaddai, the devil, must be whiten into El Shaddai, or God the Destroyer. For this reason, the soul must be born of the water and the spirit after psychological death of the sinning “I”. The soul also represents Mercury. The crude Mercury (sinning “I”) must be removed and purged from the sexual force in order to be whiten into the pure Mercury (El Shaddai). This is the mystery of the Baphomet (see reference below), or the 15th card of the Tarot: Passion. Only the Arcanum A.Z.F. is required to reach the Soul Verb and to awakened the Kundalini. The Soul Verb is a million times more powerful than the Physical Verb and Mental Verb combined.

Types of Spells

Because there are limits on how you can cast magic spells, there are a few permissible types of spells to use as examples.

Healing spells – You can heal others in respect of their free will by using elemental plants. Although I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have not tried any healing spells on anyone yet, this is on of the spells you can use. An example to this is the magic of the rose, which has the power to heal emotional traumas and can induce true ahava.

Protection spells – You can defend yourself by using prayers. Defensive prayers themselves are protective spells. You can use Fons Alpha et Omega, Conjuration of the Four, Conjuration of the Seven (, Invocation of Solomon (, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, The Apostles Creed in Latin (, etc. The experience goes by this: “The higher the level of the magician, the stronger the magical spell.”

Theatrical spells – I used a lot of theatricality around the general public to conceal my true identity and motives. In case of telling the truth, instead of lying, I speak the truth in allegories and symbols. Rather than boasting pride on appearances, I appear modest and clean. Theatrical spells are also charms. Often times, I generally appear low-profile as if you were living in a poverty community. Please see also How to Remain Publicly Anonymous (

Binding Spells – You must be very careful on how you use binding spells. I had a case where I chasten a young minor (around 15 years) who apparently used “the (middle) finger” in my sight. Out of righteous anger, I used the binding spell on him by the following words: “You will not do the finger in my sight ever again.” Binding spells requires great concentration and great willpower. Binding spells are never used for impure purposes, or you will end up with unlawful amounts of trouble.

Curse spells – Like binding spells, these are forbidden to use if you are doing so for the purposes of impurity. Using curse spells the impure way will lead you to legal and unlawful amount of trouble. I recently perform a pre-curse on the ground lamb that I rightfully purchased. On the paper bag with the meat in it, I wrote the following words before mentally placing a spell: “Do not desire, or you will die a slow death unless you mend your ways.” It means: You will not desire my meat; on the hour you choose to steal my meat, you will die a slow death unless you mend your ways by return the meat to its rightful owner and pay off any debts you accrued. To this end: he who wrongfully acquires or steals must be returned to its rightful owner. Behold: the wage of sin is death (Romans 6:23). To proper use cursing spells requires for you to read and know the Book of Law.

Bonus #1: The Hand-Sign of Jesus Christ

Christ Jesus

Use the superior-pentagram hand-sign. The superior-pentagram hand-sign is the following: The thumb, the index, and the middle finger are pointed upwards; the remaining fingers are pointed downwards. This is the hand-sign of the great Kabir Jesus Christ.

It is the superior pentagram which drives away the black magicians. You can also speak the following words (in a spell) while tracing mentally or physically with a sword the superior pentagram: “Helion, Melion, Tetragrammation!”

Books by Samael Aun Weor: