Ninja of stealth

How To Remain Publicly Anonymous

Pardon for the fancy appearance of the famous ninja blending in the walls as a method for stealth mode. This appearance is too high a profile for public secrecy; the public will notice this...

However, you can blend in with the public anonymously by undertaking the following tasks:

I) Do not equate your personal name with your impersonal name. Your impersonal name, in the world of crypto-currencies, is your public key address. Your public key address is not a mask nor a persona; it is the name of the human soul. Ideally, you can give someone your public key address, and they can send you crypto-money; hence, it is a safe way to protect yourself. Your private key address is your personal, profane name. Your profane name is not the name of the human soul; it is a false-identifying name representing you (the human soul). In the crypto world, do not give anyone your private key address ever. Doing so will have your personal identity stolen (period). Do not however allow others to realize that your impersonal name is your personal name, even if it is a matter of life and death.

II) Go low-profile. Blend in with the average people by wearing casual clothing, yet the appearance must be modest and humble. Do not wear an expensive tie and suit too often in the open. In case you have to, be very careful of impoverished, jealous, and intellectual animals desiring your property. Do not go to places where the atmosphere is thick and dense. By thick and dense, I am referring to places that are hostile and unfriendly. Thick and dense environment relates to the atmosphere of the Abyss. Do not wear a costume in the public ever; this includes masks, sorry. Wearing a costume is high-profile, and the public will notice you.

III) Do not reveal anyone your location ever. In order to avoid turning ourselves into a political, social, or activist targets for being a Gnostic initiate, where you live must not be revealed to the public. Revealing to the public where you live will allow opportunistic animals to raid to your location and create the worst scenario which can involve burglary, robbery, rape, murder, or anything impure.

IV) Do not follow anyone, and do not accept followers. It is too dangerous nowadays to simply follow anyone imperfect. Everyone else is imperfect. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am imperfect. Your spouse is imperfect. You too, my friend, are imperfect. Do not engage in anything that will draw a lot of public attention unto you. Do not let yourself appear in the newspaper.

V) Do not reveal your impersonal name physically to your friends, families, or anyone. Your can only physically reveal your impersonal name to the White Lodge (Heaven). Yet to those who are spiritually asleep (your friends, families, or anyone who have not yet awaken the consciousness), do not reveal your impersonal name. There is however one small exception: your spouse who already knows her (or his for woman) impersonal name. You must be extremely careful first. When you meet your spouse (for single gnostic initiates), do not reveal your impersonal name yet; do not let yourself fall. Your spouse must first realize her (or his for a woman) impersonal name; it takes extraordinary amount of patience for the spouse's impersonal name to be received by the White Lodge. Once she (or he for woman) realizes her (or his for woman) impersonal name, only then you can reveal your impersonal name to your spouse.

VI) All doors are closed except for the door of repentance. Do not physically reveal Gnosis, Alchemy, Arcanum A.Z.F., Immaculate conception, etc. to the public, or you can put your life on the line of danger. This is because nowadays the intellectual animals are accepting and applauding degeneration, and they can morally hate the Arcanum A.Z.F. You can be ridiculed, ostracized, imprisoned, or lynched (execution) for physically revealing the secret teachings to the public. In case you do want to reveal Gnosis, do this very slowly and inconspicuous yet privately.

Warning: If you fail to do any or all of these tasks, this will result in your undoing. Your undoing can be ridicule, degradation, torture, imprisonment, downfall, or death.

This is how one remains publicly anonymous...