How To Win the Heart of Your Spouse

How To Win the Heart of Your Spouse

“Are you visiting women? Don't forget your whip!” – Frederic Nietzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

How does one win the heart of one's spouse? The spouse, or the woman, is the straight and narrow path ( The woman represents the priestess-spouse of the alchemist/magician. The Straight and Narrow Path is indeed very difficult. In the name of truth, the woman is very difficult. The woman is not desired nor avoided; it is earned through the right actions.

Being with your spouse requires great willpower. From the quote above, the whip represents the willpower. This is true when you are meeting your spouse who is actually a handmaiden of your Innermost for the first time. The tempting serpent is prominent when with your spouse at close range; something for you, my friend, to be constantly aware of. By accepting that your spouse is very difficult, this will make you stronger. When man and woman unite together, the polarity is balanced and enhanced. The cross is far more dynamic than you realize (

Killing desires and being with a woman at close range is at least of course to put into hyperbole: excessively and exceedingly, if not impossibly, difficult. This is why you must look for your spouse very carefully. A woman is known to store sexual energies; be warned, if she is sexually beautiful, lower your eyes so that you will not let yourself fall.

Luckily, not all women have stored surplus of fallen, sexual energies. Look for a clean woman, the one whom you feel that has the weakest impurities, enabling you to kill desires efficiently. In addition, look for the clean woman who shows some interest in you. And finally, look for a woman who is absolutely different from all others and of course intrigues you. You are not interested in her appearances, her expectations, and her fruits ( Surely an appearance of a woman can frighten the sinning “I”. It is the sinning “I” that is interested in appearances, expectations, and fruits out of desire. You are only interested in her out of true ahava ( She can take any form that pleases her, not you. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am imperfect out of accepting humbleness. You, my friend, are imperfect. In the name of truth, we are more or less imperfect. Truly, the great Kabir Jesus Christ choose Mary Magdalene out of ahava, never out of karmic convenience. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, yet she repented. Both Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene practiced white tantra (, forming the cross.

Ask your Innermost that the woman whom you are looking for is the right spouse to be with. Trust in your Innermost. Do not trust the sinning “I”. You must battle and defeat all expectations of the sinning “I”. The sinning “I” answers a flat yes or a flat no out of desire or prevention of the cross. You must kill all expectations from the sinning “I”.

She is indeed a fragile glass; something for you, my friend, to also be constantly be aware of. You must slowly adapt your body for your spouse as if you would for the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Maithuna. You must conquer the negative serpent ( whether you are far from or close to her at all times. Because your spouse is the handmaiden of your Innermost, you must obey the will of the Innermost. She is not yours; she belongs to your Innermost. If the sinning “I” were to be obeyed, the result will inevitably be divorce and ends with pain and suffering. You must kill the sinning “I” by psychologically dying from moment to moment. You must learn when to speak and when not to speak. You also learn to psychologically suffer and to die (

The sinning “I” morally hates the cross. It can create psychological illusions that the woman you are seeking has already have a boyfriend. The sinning “I” will use clever and intellectual ideas from the black book of magic to prevent the cross from being formed. It can use the three traitors ( on you to prevent the cross from being formed. Learn to die on the cross, my friend, and this is how you live.

Talk to her, of course, with caution. With caution, it is best not to desire a woman. Slowly build the relationship according to divine will. Allow her to talk to you. Allow her to be what she is. Slowly build ahava to her, and allow her to do the same according to her will. Open up to your spouse. The most important thing of all: trust in your Innermost. Your Innermost is Yah-Hovah Elohim, Allah, etc. It is through divine will that the Perfect Matrimony is born ( You must be patient, chaste, charitable, kind, humble, temperant, and diligently good as if it were the fruits of the Holy Spirit. You must kill all forms of desire. You must always humble yourself. Always think that you are the imperfect one, and this is how you will be exalted.

Obey the will of the Innermost in regards of the Perfect Matrimony. Through divine guidance, you will be able to win the heart of your spouse.