The Holy Spirit

How Women Should Appear

For a reader who is a maid or a woman, this is for you. For a reader who is a man who has a spouse or a bachelor who is waiting for his spouse to arrive, this is also for you...

All women and maids must appear modestly. This is the word on how maids and women must appear. The White Lodge is seriously demanding on modesty (, purity, and chastity. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have warned you about the pride of beautiful women ( An example to this is a beautiful woman who shows off her nude body except her bra and her bikini. Wearing only a bra and a bikini is exclusively inappropriate because it not only boasts pride, it also psychologically damages and bruises the head of a man with lust and impurity. Afterwards in the night, he will be plagued by sexual dreams which will lead to nocturnal emissions, rendering him unclean until evening. A long-haired, beautiful woman plus only a bra and a bikini is immodesty and poison to the man. As it is stated in Matthew 5:28, those who look at a beautiful woman to lust after is already committing adultery in his heart. Lust is immodesty. Chastity is modesty.

All maids and women of the Gnostic Movement must appear by the following ways:

I) A maid or a woman must not cut off her hair ( It is a symbol of purity and chastity. A woman must also use her long hair to place her body positively in the Jinn state.

II) The hemline of her skirt must be below the knees yet slightly higher or higher than her ankles.

III) The neckline of her shirt or skirt must fully cover her chest, so that it will not offend the eyes of her husband or other fellow men.

IV) Her sleeve of her shirt must extend below her elbows. No sleeveless shirts or dresses.

V) Her modest dress must not be too thin or tight. Too-thin of a modest dress is also immodesty, sufficient to fuel lust instead of ahava (

VI) She must not emphasize her beauty by using make-ups, earrings, or any arrays of jewelry. Her beauty must originate for her ahava of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

VII) No slacks from her shirt or skirt is to be visible or any reason. Any slack from her shirt or skirt will reveal the contours of her body, rendering the dress immodest.

Upon looking at the Pentecostal Movement as par of the Christian Church, how women should appear nearly matches with all the descriptions above. All women must submit themselves to her husbands, while the husbands treat their wives as fragile glass.

For swimsuit, they must purchase modest swimsuits which follows the modest guidelines above. A feminine swimsuit consisting only of bra and bikini is exclusively inappropriate, since it is already immodest.

For night, all maids and women must wear their nightgowns, following the modest guidelines for maids and women from above. They must not wear bathing trunks like men, because it is immorally immodest for females to do so.

The guidelines above is how a maid or a woman must be dressed. It is modesty the straight and narrow path. This narrow path is also the Narrow Way. Modesty itself is the Razor's Sharp Edge.