What is an Inference? What is to infer? To infer is to derive or deduce by reasoning or conclusion through premises and evidences. Inferences are crucial for critical and dynamic readers, even those with a very high intelligent quotient scores. How do you correctly apply inferences?

Here are the correct ways to use inferences:

I) Do not go out of bounds.

A) Whenever you are reading from essays to novels from various sources, do not go outside of the box. To go out of the box is similar to go out of bounds. Whenever you read an post about the Perfect Matrimony and the Arcanum A.Z.F., there is a good tendency for the sinning “I” to rebel against these things. By following the sinning “I”, this is one of the mistakes by making inferences the wrong way. The sinning “I” is rebellious against Gnosis, and it desires to go out of bounds into its own way of itself.

B) There is an exempting case to go out of the box if and only if any materials contain theories, beliefs, dogmas, and lies: If for any reason that any piece of literature contains theories and/or pieces of black magic, do not accept these noxious materials.

II) Do not jump to conclusions without any sufficient evidence.

A) True. Jumping conclusions without evidence is indeed a true failure in inferences. This is also known as false inference. This is also a scenario that if you have won a prize from an ad and accepted it too unexpectedly-foolish, a real trap awaits you. This also simplifies a get-rich-quick ad, only to end up as a computer virus or a scam if you clicked an ad. This is said in 1 Timothy 6:9, “Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.”

B) Prostitutes are another example to this rule. Prostitutes can register on any social media, and in their concealed identity, they will leave an sexual impression which desire is exceedingly good to be true. They will be sexually luring you in the unforgiving trap of fornication online. All prostitutes are adulteresses. All desires are never satisfied. This is why that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend deleting your online dating accounts for physically meeting your spouse.

C) Jumping to conclusion without sufficient evidence is accusing a victim of a crime based on theoretical assumption without any piece of evidence to support. This scenario leads a victim to prison which he is already innocent, imprisoning the wrong person and allowing the real criminal (the sorcerer) to escape. Once all evidences are collected like a puzzle piece, then you can jump to conclusions.

III) Do not let stereotypes or prejudices color your interpretations.

A) All stereotypes include theories, beliefs, dogmas, mental-materialism, and lies. These fatal stereotypes dulls your ability to reasonably infer. Only practicality and experience will clear your interpretations in the art of inferences.

B) Do not show any prejudices while reading. Do not be racially biased, or racially superior than all others. This creates a faulty in inferences. You must show an unbiased view of racial equality in order to make inferences.

IV) Read only between the lines

A) This says everything: Stay only between the lines. Reading between the lines is only staying within the boundary lines as you read. This is the main art of Inference.

This is how you correctly make inferences. Do not go out of bounds, Do not jump to conclusions without any sufficient evidence, do not let stereotypes or prejudices color your interpretations, and read only between the lines. That is the sacred rule of making inferences.