What is Israel? Israel is a republic nation (home to three primary religions of the world) in southwest Asia on the Mediterranean, yet it is more than a republic nation. Israel is also a group considered by its members or by others as the Elohim's chosen people. The chosen people of the Elohim are the selected few. The etymology of Israel is three-fold. Israel is Ishrael, or ישראל. The etymology of Israel is ISIS, RA, and EL. Israel is also the name of the essence.


ISIS, actually pronounced EE-S-EE-S (as in feet), is the Egyptian Divine Mother and represents the Moon. ISIS is represents the major religion of Islam. The Bible in Islam is the Quran (Koran). The Quran is one of the three pieces of the Sharia Law, the other two are words of Muhammad (hadith) and his actions (sunnah). In order to read the Quran (or the map of the Quran), one must be an authentic Kabbalist. All Muslims worships is Allah and adore its messenger: Muhammad. Muhammad is the Islamic equivalent to Jesus Christ and Moses. A Muslim is a follower of Allah, born of fire and water. Allah is another name for the Elohim. True, Allah does mean “the God”, yet the Spanish articles of El and La formed together prove that Allah is both male and female (Alla, or Allah). It is Allah that has created the seven heavens, one above the other from (Surah Nuh 71:15). The Seven heavens is the seven layers, or levels, of the Universe. There are three dimensions in Malkuth, one dimension in Yesod, one dimension in both Hod and Netzach, one dimension in Tiphereth, Geburah, and Chesed, and the seventh or zeroth dimension in Binah, Chokmah, Kether, Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph, and Ain. There are a total of 13 Aeons.

The Cross.

RA is the Egyptian Divine Father and represents the Sun. RA also represents the major religion of Christianity. What Christianity worships is both God and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ means Savior Fire, from the word Yeshua Kresto. Whosoever wants to follow Jesus Christ must perform the following: deny yourself (death of the sinning “I”), take up the cross (sexual alchemy with your spouse), and follow him (sacrifice for others). Jesus is Yeshua, or Yod-Hei-Shin-Vav-Hei (יהשוה). The fire is born within a man and a woman, hence the spiritual rebirth through water and the spirit. A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, born of fire and water. The Christian Book of Faith is the Bible, yet this Bible we use is Catholic and Orthodox, both Old and New Testament (see reference below). We also use the Gospel of Phillip and Thomas, both two New Testament apocrypha. The Bible used in Protestant movement is not sufficient for Gnosis, for it lacks the Catholic and Orthodox apocrypha along with the Gospel of Thomas and Phillip.


EL is a Hebrew word for God and represents Saturn. El represents the major religion of Judaism. Those who follow the religion of Judaism are the Jews. Jews are religious people of Judaism, born again of fire and water. The Bible equivalent in Judaism is the Torah, or the Tanakh. The Torah is only the Old Testament of the Bible. What Judaism only worships is Yah-Hovah Elohim. Moses, like Jesus Christ, is the savior of the Jews, or the Hebrews, who delivered them out of Egypt in the Book of Shemot (Exodus). Egypt has degenerated into black magic, and Moses appeared to deliver the true teachings. Egypt represents the degenerated mind of man, and the Pharaoh is the tyrant which jealously rules over this man-made civilization.

Ishrael, or Israel, is another name for Jacob (יעקב) after wresting with an angel (Samael) before daybreak. Jacob had four wives, which represent the forces of the Shekinah (שכינה). There are twelve tribes of Israel, which Jacob had twelve children.

Israel is the name of the essence. There are two types of spirits: the spirit of goodness and the spirit of impurity. The spirit of goodness is the essence, born from the zeroth dimension, the absolute. The spirit of impurity is the sinning “I”, born out of fornication. The sinning “I” is a legion of pluralized “I”s. Whenever Israel is enslaved by Egypt, the sinning “I” has caged and trapped the essence. Because the sinning “I” is born from hell, it can only die a second death in Hell or killed by elimination of the sinning “I” via comprehension. The Second Death is a frightening death which releases the essence out of it disintegrating cage.

So, Israel is the heart of all three major religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Israel is also the holy land and nation for all three religions. As a result, the etymology of Israel is ISIS, RA, and EL combined, similar to the trinity ( Israel is the name of the essence.