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Golden Rose

The Sacred Word of the Golden Flower

Home is where your heart is. A home is a house, or a dwelling. A house is also a family, or a foundation. As we told you before that man is not a house without a woman, and a woman is not a house without a man. The same is true for a king and queen. He is not a king without a queen. She is not a queen without a king. King is golden, queen is silver. Behold, the rose is the queen of all flowers. The cross itself is golden.

The cross resides in the heart. The cross is the sexual union of man and woman, king and queen. The cross itself is the Golden Flower. Behold this sacred word of the golden flower. It was found at the end of July 2015 by me: Juan Mirieth Auriel. Its etymology is rooted with one Spanish word. This Spanish word is verbally spoken in Latin America. It means her or she. She or her, in Spanish, is ella. In Latin America, it is pronounced EI-YAH (EI as in f'a'te and the Hebrew letter Hei).

In 2015, I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, wrote the word in English as AEYA in my earlier blogs (all blogs before this are deleted and they no longer exist). AEYA, or EI-YAH, can also be written in Hebrew Letters as Ayin-Yod-Hei (עיה). Ayin is to see or experience. Yod is phallus/man. Hei is womb/woman. Yod-Hei (יה) is also another name of God. Yod-Hei can also be spoken as Yah, from Yah-Hovah. The kabbalistic number of Yod-Hei is 15, relating with Samech, the Ouroboros. The numeral value of Ayin is 70. 70 + 15 is 85; when 85 is kabbalistically reduced, the result is 13: immortality. Ahava itself is immortal. AEYA is to experience or see Yah-Hovah Elohim. To experience Yah-Hovah Elohim is to connect oneself with his spouse without spilling the divine energy.

How to use the sacred word of AEYA is up to you. The Letter Ayin has two points upwards, indicating that there are two paths. Like AEYA, another word that has the Hebrew letter Ayin is Da'ath (Daleth-Ayin-Tav). Da'ath also has two paths, yet you must choose wisely. There are two paths: goodness or impurity. This is related to the Sixth Card of the Tarot: Indecision. Yod-Hei from the sum of 15 can be kabbalistically reduced to 6. You cannot serve two masters; it is up to the initiate to serve the Virgin or the Prostitute. The Virgin is the upright path of goodness. The Prostitute is the falling path of impurity.

The word of AEYA has the power to blossom the Golden flower inside the heart. AEYA has the power to blossom the golden cross within the couple; from there the Golden Flower blossoms in radiation. It also has the power to fill the ecstasy of Ahava with his or her spouse. The word AEYA, when spoken from the heart with Ahava to your spouse, is a lot more dynamic and more powerful than you realize, only if you have utilized the sexual forces properly via chastity. Ahava itself is golden, and Ahava itself is the highest form of all religions.

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The Two Towers

Behold. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, speak of the two towers. They are twin towers.

The Two Towers are not north nor south. They are east and west.

The Eastern Tower is the brightest tower of them all. Those residing the Eastern tower are true magicians of all times. Within the Eastern Tower, the true magician studies with his intuition. Behold: the Eastern Tower is the White Lodge. Within the environment of the Eastern Tower, is is clean, life-giving, modest, and pure.

The Western Tower is the densest tower of them all. Those residing the Western Tower are true sorcerers of all times. Within the Western Tower, the true sorcerer studies with his intellect. Behold: the Western Tower is the Black Lodge. Within the environment of the Western Tower, it is polluted, dead-ridden, poisonous, and impure.

These twin towers always oppose one another. There will never be a time of truce or peace treaties between these two towers. It is a never-ending battle between these two towers. The battlefield between these two towers is sex.

The Eastern Tower wants the seminal fluids to go upwards to the heavens. The Western Tower wants the seminal fluids to go downwards towards the atomic infernos. The Eastern Tower requires chastity. The Western Tower demands fornication.

The Eastern Tower always shines like the morning sun, as the sun rises from the East. The Western Tower always falls like the dawn of night, as the sun goes west to set.

Of all the two towers in the worlds, not one humanoid knows that these towers exist, save those on the path of redemption and on the path of razor's sharp edge. If all the humanoids have a choice, they can choose to serve either the Eastern Tower or the Western Tower. Both towers are secret societies.

The path to the White Tower is the Razor's Sharp Edge. The path to the Black Tower is a very easy path to your downfall.

The Search for Security

The Search For Security

In the epidermis of Earth, some of dreadful humanoids search for security. These dreadful humanoids are living in extreme fear that something can actually happen to them against their will. Some of the things that can happen to these dreadful humanoids are being murdered, overtaken, executed, robbed, lynched, ostracized, etc. To avert from this fear, they seek out for security to do these things which makes them satisfied.

An example to this is that a boyfriend, who is truly afraid of losing his girlfriend, will seek out security by assaulting or killing someone who is trying to take his girlfriend away from him; nevertheless, his actions will always precipitate him in prison, or worse: to the Abyss. By this impure action, he will always lose his girlfriend in the end.

Here is another example: A humanoid who truly fears poverty and hunger and does not know how to be diligent takes on the path to be a thief for comfort. He then decides to make a living by robbing banks as a search for not only security, but survival as well. In the end, he ends up in prison, unable to satisfy his life.

Here is also another good example: A black magician would read my posts and feels threaten out of extreme fear that his teachings will reduced to cosmic dust. As a means of searching security, he will sought to kill me whatever all means as necessary. In the end, he will never be satisfied, and his residence will always be in prison and the abyss.

Look no closely than the United States of America. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was built, due to the extreme fear that a domestic or foreign terrorist will once again attack the United States. As a result of extreme fear, the United States armed itself with security checkpoints in government-administrated buildings and airports (TSA – Transportation-Security Administration) in search of security.

The search of security out of extreme fear other than fearing Yah-Hovah Elohim is always the real cause of crime. A real criminal is born out of fornication. When the humanoids, whether they are married or not, procreate a child out of fornication, they only create a demon-child. Those who search for security out of extreme fear will always precipitate themselves into crime and into the Abyss. As we taught you that desires are never satisfied, desire is craving, and craving is suffering. As a result desire is suffering. The desire for security will always lead to suffering.

Those who are fearful, cowardly, and weak always reside in the Abyss, for it is written in Revelations chapter 21, verse 8: “But to the cowardly, the unfaithful, the abominable, the murderers, the fornicators, the black magicians, the idolaters, and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death.”

For those who have a girlfriend (or a boyfriend for a woman): Do not buy in to extreme fear that you will lose your spouse to another man, even from death. Why not sacrifice your last drop of blood for your spouse? A good spouse would rather die than submit oneself to adultery. It is best to die rather submit obedience to the Devil.

Do not seek for security out of extreme fear. All wars and strife have their origin of extreme fear.


violin as classical music with the rose

The Two Poles of Music

There are two poles of music. The two pole are always in opposition of each other. these two poles of music do not mix with each other. Only one of the poles relate with the Gnostic Movement. They are so named the Positive Music and the Negative Music.

Positive music is the transcending music made in masterpieces by classical authors. Classical authors are composers of the ancient classical music. Some examples to classic composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, Giuseppe Verdi, Mozart, Benjamin Britten, and Ludwig Beethoven. Positive music is listened sufficiently when the classical music is transposed from A = 440 hz to A = 432 hz. Listening to this type of music is cleaner. The positive pole of music will enable you to perform meditation, sexual transmutation, awakening of the consciousness, Arcanum A.Z.F., practical magic with high theurgy, and all practical, clean lifestyles related to Yah-Hovah Elohim.

Negative music is the degenerating music of modern times. Genres of this music are hip hop, rock, heavy metal, etc. When fornicating lyrics are listened, this attracts astral larvae in your environment, which can lead to nocturnal emission of shemen. Listening this type of music will create degeneration in your body. By listening negative music, you could end up taking psychedelic drugs to awaken the consciousness subjunctively, commit acts of sexual impurity, engage in unhealthy (can be homosexual) relationships, and/or commit acts of demonic pleasures which gives fuel to the sinning “I”.

By experience, positive music enables development of the human body in all seven levels (namely Physical, Vital, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, & Atmic). Listening to positive music containing choral (sung in Latin, Hebrew, etc.) creates a meditative chamber whose song is heard in echo unto the Heaven. Here, the classical music is listened by the seven levels of the Universe. Classic Music is calmer and serene to the mind. Behold: the Gnostic Movement recommends those who are on the Path of Razor's sharp Edge to listen to classical music. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend, for this website contains a lot of classical music that I described from above.


candles in a chapel

All About Religion

What is religion all about?

Religion is a Latin word. Religion is derived from Religare. Religare means union. There is another word that is a synonym of religion; the word is Yoga. Yoga is not a series of stretches or a series of physical meditations. Yoga is Sanskrit. Yoga is derived from the word Yug (Y-OO-G), which means union. As a result, religion and yoga means union with divinity, appearing in different names. Here is what religion is not all about.

Religion is not about subservience, control, and conformity. The one who quoted that “Religion is subservience, control, and conformity” is Gregg Prescott, the shephard (webmaster) of,,, and All of these websites are not real sources of final liberation. By knowing the etymology of religion and yoga, Gregg Prescott himself is a sincere liar. From this what I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, gather all the information, Gregg Prescott's intent is to bring all like-minded individuals to form a global community by leading his readers to follow his websites by Facebook, MeWe, YouTube,,, InformedPlanet, etc. We do not follow anyone nor we intended to have followers. It is too dangerous to simply follow anyone who is imperfect; we follow our Innermost.

It is the antichrist that says that religion is about subservience, control, and conformity. This is not true. It is idolatry (or worshipping materialism) that equals subservience, control, and conformity. The leader of the Antichrist is Yahweh, who is now imprisoned in the bottomless pit, crucified upside-down. Little and behold: The Antichrist is the antithesis of Jesus Christ!

Sancte Iohannes

The Seven Vowels

The Seven Vowels correspond to seven chakras. The Seven Chakras are the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelations. The Chakras are the spinning vortexes of energies. Another word for chakras are vortexes. The Seven Vowels are I, E, O, U, A, M, & S. The first five vowels (I E O U A) are Spanish vowels (not English vowels), and they are magical vowels. The last two vowels are sexual vowels.

I) I – pronounced “EE” (as in Sea); located at crown (pineal gland) and frontal chakras (pituitary gland). This vowel grants clairvoyance when vibrated.

II) E – pronounced “EH” (as in they); located at throat chakra (throat). This vowel grants the magical ear when vibrated.

III) O – pronounced “OH” (as in tone); located at heart chakra (heart). This vowel grants the power of intuition and ahava when vibrated.

IV) U – pronounced “OO” (as in prune); located at solar plexus (stomach region). This vowel grants the power of telepathy when vibrated

V) A – pronounced “AH” (as in Father); located at the lungs and thyroid glands. This vowel has the power to recall past lives when vibrated.

VI) M – pronounced “MM” (Mouth & lips closed as bellowing as a bull); located in the prostate gland for men (and uterus for women). This vowel grants control over the sexual energies through chastity.

VII) S – pronounced “SSS” (hissing of the snake or imitation of a rattlesnake); located in the coccyx, or the sexual organs. This vowel has the power to awaken the Kundalini.

All seven vowels have the power, when vibrated, to activate the seven vortexes. Whenever a chakra is elevated into a higher degree, then this chakra is transformed into a church.

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Auryn can also be pronounced Orin; however, Auryn is pronounced AUR/OR-EE-N. Auryn is spelled in Hebrew as Aleph-Vav-Resh-Yod-Nun, or אורין.

Aur is light in Hebrew. Yod is the masculine force. Nun relates to sexuality. Auryn defines as Light is Sex, or the active sexual light. Nowhere does Auryn defines as Urine.

Urine is a liquid waste-product that is expelled from the human body, and it is not recommended to drink Urine. Drinking Urine is the internal consumption of wastes or any toxins that the body is expelling. By consuming the waste products and toxins in your body, you are consuming disease in you. The word Auryn that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am only referring to is sexual energy.

The active force of sex inside of the human body is semen, or shemen (שמן). Shemen is shin-mem-nun, or the fiery sexual waters. Sex is symbolized by fire, by water, and by light. Shin is Hebrew for fire. Mem is Hebrew for water. Nun relates to sexuality. Shemen itself must be transmuted upwards for energetic use.

“Did you not know that Allah has created the seven heavens, one above the other?” – Quran, The Nub, 71.15

To transmute sexual energies is to lift the sexual waters from the lower heavens (Yesod) to the Upper heavens (Kether). Heaven in Hebrew is Shamayim (שמים), the fiery waters. There is a revolution from the Yesod to Kether and an involution from Kether to Yesod. A revolution and an involution make a closed, electric circuit within the body. The Hebrew letter that associates as a closed, electric circuit is Samech (ס).

Samech is the 15th letter and also associates with the 15th card of the Tarot: Passion. Samech represents the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a never-ending story that repeats itself in an electrical closed-circuit. There is a tempting aspect that the initiate must terribly fight; this tempting aspect wants the sexual energy to descend downwards to the infernos. We must steal fire from the devil, for the devil represents the inverted flaming star pointing downwards. It is known as Satan (or Shaitan [שטן]). Satan is the tempting aspect of the negative serpent. Satan is the fiery serpent of sex.

Whenever one fornicates, the electrical circuit is no longer closed; it is officially an open circuit which turns off the light. When the lights are off, it is replaced with darkness and impurity. When the lights are off, the fiery waters are snuffed off. Whenever an open circuit is made, the sexual energies descend downwards to the atomic infernos. This open circuit creates the famous tail of Satan.

To re-close the electric circuit, one (the alchemist) must steal fire from the devil. You must continually steal shemen from the devil, who wants the sexual energies descend to the atomic infernos. You must be a good thief, or an honest burglar, against the Devil without end. It is a never-ending story to steal fire from the devil.

Jacob wrestles with Samael 2

There is an archangel whose name also starts with Samech. Behold, he is known to take soul away from man. He is the fifth of the seven archangels, and the avatar of the Aryan Root Race. He is the regent of Mars, and his day is actually Tuesday (modern Thursday). Behold, the name of the archangel is Samael (סמאל). Samech represents the Ouroboros. Mem is water. El is God in Hebrew. Samael is the medicine or poison of God.

When Auryn is kabbalistically added, you have a total 367, or (1+6+300+10+50). Then 3+6+7 is 9+7, which that is 16, relating to the Sixteenth Hebrew Letter: Ayin (ע). Ayin is to see or experience. Ayin also represents the 16th Card of the Tarot: Fragility. To utilize or experience Auryn, you must not let yourself lead astray by the tempting serpent of Eve. Many are those who let themselves fall (resulting from spilling the cup of Hermes [fornication]) in obedience to Shaitan. Many are those who fornicate, resulting themselves to be the fulminating tower. Many are also those who let their tails grow long thanks to their continuous act of fornication.

Auryn is experienced, never believed in. Auryn is the sexual light that the initiate must keep for good use continuously. Auryn itself is sexual, or also known as the sexual light. To keep Auryn is a never-ending story. The endless fight to keep Auryn is a terrible one. To keep Auryn, you must endlessly steal fire from the Devil. To keep Auryn, you must not let yourself be lead astray by the tempting serpent. It is entirely up to us to wage endless battles against the Black Lodge.

Bonus #1: Thor – תאור

Thor is pronounced in Hebrew as Tav-Aleph-Vav-Resh. Thor is the seal of light. Thor is also the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning. Lightning itself is the fiery sexual light.

Bonus #2: Uriel – אוריאל

Uriel (or Auriel) translates as God is my light/fire. He is the third archangel of the seven. He was the avatar of the Lemurian Root Race, and he also taught unto the Lemurians the Knowledge of Desire and Sin. Uriel is the regent of Venus, which Venus represents Lucifer. Lucifer itself represents Phosphorus, and its Roman mythology is equivalent to Prometheus.

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The Gnostic Flag

The Gnostic Flag

The Gnostic flag is made out of two bands: the upper band is colored red, and the lower band is colored white. Red is the color of the red stone in alchemy, and it is masculine. White is the color of the white stone in alchemy, and it is feminine. Between the two horizontal bands lies the golden cross.

The golden cross is the Perfect Matrimony. The golden cross is the masculine and feminine forces united. Gold is the color of the King. Silver is the color of the Queen. He is not a King without a Queen. She is not a Queen without a King. Gold is the color of King and Queen, united sexually through the Perfect Matrimony.

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Paradise Lost by John Milton 22

The Path To The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is pronounced Gan-Eden, or גן־עדן. The Garden of Eden is also called the Paradise.

We start with the first word: Gan. Gimel, the 3rd Hebrew Letter, relates to the 3rd Tarot Card: the Empress. Gimel means “Camel.” The Empress also relates with the fires of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also known as the Binah in the world of the Kabbalah. The Empress also symbolizes the Divine Mother Kundalini. The Divine Mother Kundalini has many names. She is the Virgin Mary (Virginis Carmeli) in Christianity. She is Isis (EE-S-EE-S) in Egyptian. Nun relates to sexuality. Gan is sexuality associated with the Divine Mother Kundalini.

Eden is to experience the doorway to “real” sexuality. The first letter is Ayin, which means eyes or to see or experience. Daleth represents the doorway. Another word that has Daleth is Da'ath, which means knowledge. To know or realize oneself is sexual. Nun relates to sexuality.

Whenever we say “real sexuality”, we only refer to the immaculate sexuality. In reality, there is only one path of normal sexuality. Real sexuality is not and never will be fornication, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, and all other forms of sexual impurity. Fornication, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality and all other forms of sexual impurity only relates to infrasexuality. Infrasexuality means “before or lower than sexuality.” Those who say or recommend that masturbation, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and/or any forms of sexual immorality is normal are sincerely mistaken people. These people will lead these people to the Abyss.

We are going to translate the three words which the sinning “I” will be very easily confused. The three words is “to have sex.” To have sex does not mean to fornicate, which the sinning “I” is easily confused. The sinning “I” is always infrasexual, and it will not strongly identify/justify itself as infrasexual. The sinning “I” will always associate “to have sex” with lust and fornication. To have sex (actually) is to connect sexually with a spouse without spilling the divine energy into orgasm (killing all forms of fornication and lust). This is the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F., the immaculate (white) sexual magic.

Garden of Eden by John Milton's Paradise Lost

Eden itself is sex. The path to Eden is sexuality. The path to the Garden of Eden is through the proper use of sexuality. The proper use of sexuality is scientific chastity and the perfect matrimony of husband and wife. The Path to the Garden of Eden is the experience of entering into the art of real sexuality. The Path to the Garden of Eden is the straight and narrow path in which Matthew 7:13-14 refers to.

The Garden of Eden is all over the world, yet it is located within the fourth vertical, the 4th dimension. The Garden of Eden is located in the Sephiroth of Yesod/Iesod (יסוד), or the Promised Land in the Bible. When Adam and Eve fornicated (ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of goodness and impurity), they took on the easy path of infrasexuality and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. However, Eden is not closed nor locked. Instead, Yah-Hovah Elohim sent the Cherubim (כרבים) with a flaming sword to guard the entrance.

Cherubim with flaming sword by John Milton's Paradise Lost

The return to Garden of Eden is always a very difficult path, for one must have great willpower to control and dominate the tempting serpent of Eve. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden as a couple, and also as a couple, Adam and Eve must return to the Garden of Eden from the same door they exited. It is necessary to realize one's mistakes and then act to change them, which is the real definition of true penance.

The path to Eden requires that one must perform chastity and must also have a spouse for the sacred work of self-realization. As man represents Adam-Christ (Jesus Christ), woman represents Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene represents our priestess-spouse, whom we must practice normal sexuality with. The woman is also the straight and narrow path. The Tempting serpent always resides on the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Impurity.

Little and Behold! The Path to the Garden of Eden is to perform scientific chastity and to have sex with your spouse without spilling the divine energy to orgasm. The Path to Eden is a razor's sharp edge.


Image references:

Pictures of Paradise Lose by John Milton in Public Domain

True gospel


“Thou shalt not take the name of Yah-Hovah Elohim in vain.” – 2nd Commandment.

You will not misuse the name of Yah-Hovah. You will not abuse the name of Yah-Hovah.

Those who use the name of Yah-Hovah Elohim for the sole purpose of impurity is committing a terrible crime of blasphemy.

Blasphemy is the impious utterance or action concerning Yah-Hovah Elohim or sacred things related to religion. It is also the act of cursing or reviling Yah-Hovah.

The name of Jesus Christ is no exception in regards of blasphemy. When this sacred name is used for offensive and impolite expression for fits of annoyance, anger, surprise, or shock, this is also the crime of blasphemy (used for the sole purpose of impurity). Whosoever speaks an offensive and impolite language has the mouth of the fornicator.

Fortunately, all blasphemies are forgiven except one: Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. To blasphemy against the holy spirit is fornication. Those who fornicate cannot easily be forgiven. The sixth commandment reads: “Thou shalt not fornicate.” Those who enjoy fornication remorselessly blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and care not their guilt and shame. Those who fornicate create and give fuel to their “I”s.

Galatians 1:6-9 – “I am amazed how quickly you are deserting the One (the narrow path) who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is not even a gospel (not religion nor yoga). Evidently some people (the intellectual animals) are troubling you and trying to distort (edit, modify, or remove) the gospel of Christ (Arcanum A.Z.F.).

'But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you (Gnosticism), let him be under an anathema (curse)! As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received (Gnosis), let him be under an anathema!”

The pseudo-gospels are the modern religions that have corrupted and modified the ancient teachings. They also went far into removing the sacred art of the Arcanum A.Z.F. so that humanity would not return to the Garden of Eden. Those pseudo-gospels (modern religions of the world that rebel against Gnosis) will be placed under an anathema. Those who teach pseudo-gospels is also committing the crime of blasphemy. Henceforth, an anathema is a curse.

“All religions are precious jewels on the golden string of divinity.” – Samael Aun Weor.

The true gospel is Gnosis. Christianity is originally the Gnostic Movement founded by Jesus Christ. Any religion that teaches the true gospel (gnosis) is a true religion. All true religions have ancestry from Gnosis. For those who teach the true gospel (gnosis), let him be sanctified.


From, word used: blasphemy