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Daath (דעת), Spirituality, Religion, Science, Alchemy. By Juan Mirieth Auriel (

The Holy Spirit

How Women Should Appear

For a reader who is a maid or a woman, this is for you. For a reader who is a man who has a spouse or a bachelor who is waiting for his spouse to arrive, this is also for you...

All women and maids must appear modestly. This is the word on how maids and women must appear. The White Lodge is seriously demanding on modesty (, purity, and chastity. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have warned you about the pride of beautiful women ( An example to this is a beautiful woman who shows off her nude body except her bra and her bikini. Wearing only a bra and a bikini is exclusively inappropriate because it not only boasts pride, it also psychologically damages and bruises the head of a man with lust and impurity. Afterwards in the night, he will be plagued by sexual dreams which will lead to nocturnal emissions, rendering him unclean until evening. A long-haired, beautiful woman plus only a bra and a bikini is immodesty and poison to the man. As it is stated in Matthew 5:28, those who look at a beautiful woman to lust after is already committing adultery in his heart. Lust is immodesty. Chastity is modesty.

All maids and women of the Gnostic Movement must appear by the following ways:

I) A maid or a woman must not cut off her hair ( It is a symbol of purity and chastity. A woman must also use her long hair to place her body positively in the Jinn state.

II) The hemline of her skirt must be below the knees yet slightly higher or higher than her ankles.

III) The neckline of her shirt or skirt must fully cover her chest, so that it will not offend the eyes of her husband or other fellow men.

IV) Her sleeve of her shirt must extend below her elbows. No sleeveless shirts or dresses.

V) Her modest dress must not be too thin or tight. Too-thin of a modest dress is also immodesty, sufficient to fuel lust instead of ahava (

VI) She must not emphasize her beauty by using make-ups, earrings, or any arrays of jewelry. Her beauty must originate for her ahava of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

VII) No slacks from her shirt or skirt is to be visible or any reason. Any slack from her shirt or skirt will reveal the contours of her body, rendering the dress immodest.

Upon looking at the Pentecostal Movement as par of the Christian Church, how women should appear nearly matches with all the descriptions above. All women must submit themselves to her husbands, while the husbands treat their wives as fragile glass.

For swimsuit, they must purchase modest swimsuits which follows the modest guidelines above. A feminine swimsuit consisting only of bra and bikini is exclusively inappropriate, since it is already immodest.

For night, all maids and women must wear their nightgowns, following the modest guidelines for maids and women from above. They must not wear bathing trunks like men, because it is immorally immodest for females to do so.

The guidelines above is how a maid or a woman must be dressed. It is modesty the straight and narrow path. This narrow path is also the Narrow Way. Modesty itself is the Razor's Sharp Edge.


The Priestess

How To Cast Magic Spells

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A spell is the proper Verb who manipulates the forces of nature. A spell is a verbal, mental, or spiritual formula which has the power to manipulate the forces of nature. The Verbal, mental, or spiritual formula is the Verb, or John/Juan/IEOUAMS ( As a disclaimer, this is a practical magic post; none of the spells are theoretical, dogmatic, or believable.

Most of the times, tools are not required. A recommended exercises for preparing for white magic is the Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation ( You can also however look into the books by Samael Aun Weor in the following references at the footnotes.

For white magic, there are limitations on how you can cast a spell:

I) To properly cast a spell requires chastity.

II) To properly cast a spell is to read the Book of Law (Bible, Quran, Torah, Sutras, etc.).

III) To properly cast a spell requires chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F.. You must not fornicate.

IV) Prayers themselves are defensive magic spells which drives away demons.

V) To properly cast a spell requires very strong concentration and great willpower.

VI) To properly cast a spell requires you to be diligent, kind, charitable, temperance, humble, and patience.

VII) To properly cast a spell requires knowledge of the Verb and the Seven Vowels.

VIII) To properly cast a spell may require the Magic of the Runes (Thorn, Dagaz, Ar, Rita, Hagal, Not, Gibor, Is, Eihwaz, Uruz, Man, Yr, Sig, Kaum, Fehu, Os, Dorn, Tyr, Bar, Laf, Ingwaz, Jera, & Wunjo [please see reference below])

IX) The power to properly cast a spell is True Ahava (

X) You must not cast a spell for hypnotism, fornication, desire, necromancy, or impurity (personal gain is an example). This is sorcery. Desires are never satisfied.

There are three levels on how you cast a spell:

I) Physical verb – This is easier to perform, and it is the beginner level for the white magician. Chastity is required for this level. Do not cast the physical verb mechanically, or it will do no spell.

II) Mental verb – This is a harder to perform than the physical verb. This time, the mind speaks as if it were physically speaking for itself. The mind must be whiten in order to perform this feat. To whiten is to cleanse all impurities by killing the sinning “I” and cultivate it with goodness and ahava. It too requires great concentration, chastity, and willpower. This is the intermediate level for the white magician, yet the mental verb is more powerful than the physical verb.

III) Soul verb – This is the hardest verb of them all, and it is indeed the advanced level for the white magician. The sexual force must be whiten. It is sex that the human soul is born. This fallen sexual force is called Shaddai, literally known as the Devil/Destroyer. Another name for the fallen sexual force is Shaitan, the enemy in Hebrew (Shin-Teth-Nun) or the fiery serpent of sex. This fiery serpent of sex must be dominated and conquered so that you can whiten it back to Lucifer, or light-ferrier. Without Lucifer, there is no life. Shaddai, the devil, must be whiten into El Shaddai, or God the Destroyer. For this reason, the soul must be born of the water and the spirit after psychological death of the sinning “I”. The soul also represents Mercury. The crude Mercury (sinning “I”) must be removed and purged from the sexual force in order to be whiten into the pure Mercury (El Shaddai). This is the mystery of the Baphomet (see reference below), or the 15th card of the Tarot: Passion. Only the Arcanum A.Z.F. is required to reach the Soul Verb and to awakened the Kundalini. The Soul Verb is a million times more powerful than the Physical Verb and Mental Verb combined.

Types of Spells

Because there are limits on how you can cast magic spells, there are a few permissible types of spells to use as examples.

Healing spells – You can heal others in respect of their free will by using elemental plants. Although I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have not tried any healing spells on anyone yet, this is on of the spells you can use. An example to this is the magic of the rose, which has the power to heal emotional traumas and can induce true ahava.

Protection spells – You can defend yourself by using prayers. Defensive prayers themselves are protective spells. You can use Fons Alpha et Omega, Conjuration of the Four, Conjuration of the Seven (, Invocation of Solomon (, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, The Apostles Creed in Latin (, etc. The experience goes by this: “The higher the level of the magician, the stronger the magical spell.”

Theatrical spells – I used a lot of theatricality around the general public to conceal my true identity and motives. In case of telling the truth, instead of lying, I speak the truth in allegories and symbols. Rather than boasting pride on appearances, I appear modest and clean. Theatrical spells are also charms. Often times, I generally appear low-profile as if you were living in a poverty community. Please see also How to Remain Publicly Anonymous (

Binding Spells – You must be very careful on how you use binding spells. I had a case where I chasten a young minor (around 15 years) who apparently used “the (middle) finger” in my sight. Out of righteous anger, I used the binding spell on him by the following words: “You will not do the finger in my sight ever again.” Binding spells requires great concentration and great willpower. Binding spells are never used for impure purposes, or you will end up with unlawful amounts of trouble.

Curse spells – Like binding spells, these are forbidden to use if you are doing so for the purposes of impurity. Using curse spells the impure way will lead you to legal and unlawful amount of trouble. I recently perform a pre-curse on the ground lamb that I rightfully purchased. On the paper bag with the meat in it, I wrote the following words before mentally placing a spell: “Do not desire, or you will die a slow death unless you mend your ways.” It means: You will not desire my meat; on the hour you choose to steal my meat, you will die a slow death unless you mend your ways by return the meat to its rightful owner and pay off any debts you accrued. To this end: he who wrongfully acquires or steals must be returned to its rightful owner. Behold: the wage of sin is death (Romans 6:23). To proper use cursing spells requires for you to read and know the Book of Law.

Bonus #1: The Hand-Sign of Jesus Christ

Christ Jesus

Use the superior-pentagram hand-sign. The superior-pentagram hand-sign is the following: The thumb, the index, and the middle finger are pointed upwards; the remaining fingers are pointed downwards. This is the hand-sign of the great Kabir Jesus Christ.

It is the superior pentagram which drives away the black magicians. You can also speak the following words (in a spell) while tracing mentally or physically with a sword the superior pentagram: “Helion, Melion, Tetragrammation!”

Books by Samael Aun Weor:


Beauty and the Beast

The Power of True Ahava

Ahava (Love) is the highest form of religion...

Ahava is the true source of the Perfect Matrimony...

One type of Ahava surpasses all forms of false ahavaim (or pseudo-loves) and enters the Perfect Matrimony. True Ahava is the Queen of all Ahavaim...

This is called True Ahava. True Ahava is known by two names: True Love and Unconditional Love.

True Ahava (True Love) has nothing to do with desires and expectations...

True Ahava is never adulterous nor lustful. Anyone who desires a spouse with lust is already committing adultery. Adulterers do not truly know the power of True Ahava, even if they intellectually think they know the power of True Ahava. Adulterers are unable to awaken the Kundalini...

Then in the name of truth, the real antithesis of True Ahava is lust and desire. Lust, adultery, passion, and desire are obsessive love disorders. Obsessive Love Disorder is truly Conditional Love, one of the many Pseudo-Ahavaim. Those who suffer Obsessive Love Disorder cannot awaken the Kundalini...

True Ahava knows no boundaries or limitations. True Ahava is the entire world with only one indivisible nation; this nation is the kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim...

True Ahava has nothing to do with the desire to raise children. The desire to have children is never satisfied...

True Ahava has nothing to do with enslaving, imprisoning, or desiring a woman. He who desires to imprison or enslave a woman as properties of forced marriage are indeed true monsters...

True Ahava has nothing to do with vying the woman's hand into a forced marriage. Vying a woman's hand into a forced marriage is desire and adultery. A woman whose true ahava and loyalty is to her husband will prefer death than adultery; as a result, those who desire a woman's hand into a forced marriage (especially by the use of sorcery) will never be satisfied...

As I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have told you many times, desire always leads to suffering and death. For the adulterous monsters, they will indeed meet their own demise...

True Ahava is never forced marriage. A forced marriage is never the Perfect Matrimony. The modern, preverse ones says, “Let us get married” instead of “Let us sleep together”. Forced marriages always leads to a divorce. Without total union of man and woman through the seven bodies, divorce will always result. A false marriage that happened today will always result in divorce tomorrow...

True Ahava

The foundation of True Ahava is chastity...

True Ahava always shows kindness to other couples; True Ahava is never jealous to other couples...

True Ahava always begins with a sacrifice, the death of the sinning “I”. The sinning “I” must be killed for True Ahava to blossom like the Golden Flower. The sinning “I” morally hates True Ahava, chastity, and the Perfect Matrimony. The sinning “I”, or Satan, does not know True Ahava; the sinning “I” only knows lust, fornication, and adultery. This is why you must undertake this difficult path in killing the sinning “I” by reducing it to cosmic dust...

Only the soul, or the essence, knows the power of True Ahava...

True Ahava is the untapped power that lies within the immaculate use of sexuality...

True Ahava is experienced, never believed in nor theorized...

True Ahava enables true freedom for your spouse. Your spouse always have free will; treat her as if she was a guest. While she has true freedom, you must protect her...

All women have equal rights as men. Men, treat your wives as fragile glass. She must be taught how to utilize her sexual energies for goodness, only if she is willingly to enter the door leading to Gnosis. If she needs to be escorted, you will escort her. If she needs protection, you will protect her by life or death. You must sacrifice your last drop of blood for your wife in order to go to Heaven. You will not treat your spouse as your property or materialistic affections. She is not an object. Treating your spouse as your property is never True Ahava...

The Perfect Matrimony

In order to win the heart of your spouse, you must humble yourself before Yah-Hovah Elohim. You must never enslave her or imprison her. You must kill all forms of desire and expectation in order to win the heart of your spouse. You must conquer the tempting serpent of Eve at all times...

To win the heart of your spouse is never desired nor avoid, yet it is earned with moral progress and without expectations...

True Ahava is the key to the Perfect Matrimony...

True Ahava forms the cross...

The Cross is where the heart is...

The Cross is the union of a man and woman within the Perfect Matrimony...

The True Ahava's first kiss is indeed truly powerful; the cross is balanced and enhanced...

Within the cross is the foundation of the Arcanum A.Z.F., or the immaculate sexual magic...

The emotion to practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. is True Ahava...

The power of the Arcanum A.Z.F. is to kill all forms of desire and lust through True Ahava...

With the power of the Arcanum A.Z.F., the power of True Ahava, and the sexual union of seven bodies of a man and a woman, the Kundalini awakens...

With True Ahava, the soul is awaken and reborn through water and the spirit...

The Rose

The Flower that represents True Ahava is the Rose. The Rose, says I (Juan Mirieth Auriel), is the Queen of all Flowers. The Rose is the planetary flower of Venus. When someone is sick or dying of a broken heart, this disease can be mended with the Magic of the Rose. The Magic of the Rose has the power to destroy all impurities of the heart, including emotional traumas and even pre-meditative suicides. The Magic of the Rose has the power to restore the heart of a man back into True Ahava...

To perform the Magic of the Rose, one must buy a bunch of roses (red or pink). He must cut the stems of three roses so that all three can fit very well in a crystal-glass cup. He then fills all three cups with clean water and arranges the cups in a triangle by the following order: The Right cup faces east, the Upward Cup faces north, and the left cup faces west. He then makes the cross and places his hands on the shoulder, asking the divine Elohim for help in mending his emotional diseases. Afterwards, he drinks the water by this order: The eastern cup is drunk in the morning, the northern cup is drunk in the afternoon, and the western cup is drunk in the evening. He performs the Magic of the Roses three times a day for several days until his emotional disease is healed...

Alternatively, one can purchase the blend of rose oil from either of these websites: ( or ( As grave how the emotional disease is, one can orally take about one to two drops a day until the emotional disease is mended. It can be repeated anytime until the emotional disease is mended. These two drops of the Blend of Rose is sufficient to last for hours if there is not too much stress involved. This is too the Magic of the Rose. However, you cannot take this concoction daily or excessively, for it is known to have the side effect of an aphrodisiac. If you are not very careful and have taken it excessively, it will lead to sexual desires up to the point of fornication.

The Perfect Matrimony has the power to last forever as a lifetime honeymoon through True Ahava...

True Ahava has the power to last forever...


The Magic of Attracting Your Spouse

The Magic of Attracting Your Spouse

Desires are never satisfied.

The desire of beautiful women is adultery.

There are two darker pieces of infraseuxal magic where I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, will now expose so that all humanity avoid theses...

Within this infrasexual magic, one self-fornicates with the mental desire for a woman. With an imaginary woman is sufficient for this dark piece of magic. He inserts mentally his virile member into the imaginary vagina and commits this terrible crime of self-edification until the orgasm is reached. The imaginary woman can also be mentally created by the impure act of pornography, where one looks at erotic images of beautiful women with lust. This is indeed true sorcery. When one spills his seed through this dark magic, the imaginary woman is now a succubus and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is heard unto the heavens. By this dark magic, you will only attract deadly succubi, never a real woman. This succubi is the feminine astral larvae attaches your body and breathes unto you only lust, never ahava. The succubi feeds on your fornication which gives them life. It is adultery in real life.

A woman who commits self-fornication creates incubi, or a male astral larvae.

It is a crime to commit self-fornication. Self-fornication is also blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Another word for self-fornication is masturbation. Also out of self-fornication, there is a darker magic in which one orally and inwardly reabsorbs the spilled seed back to his body. You will never obtain true liberation by reabsorbing the spilled seed through self-fornication. This dangerous magic only gives more fuel and power to Satan, the sinning “I”. This fatal magic can also create and strengthen more sinning “I”s. Desire is greatly increase by orally reabsorbing the spilled seed through self-fornication. Out of fornication breeds criminals and demons. Reabsorbing the spilled seed can also awaken the Abominable Mother Kundabuffer, or the awakening of impurity for impurity. Self-fornication plus orally reabsorbing the spilled seed also equals blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Again, this is sorcery. He who recommends these two dangerous arts is also a black magician.

These are not allowed in the White Lodge. You will be expelled from the White Lodge by committing the unforgivable crimes of fornication...

A self-fornicator, or a masturbator, is not entirely beyond being saved. There is still a second chance for redemption. Redemption only relies on the immaculate sexual act. By the immaculate sexual act, the repented self-fornicator must voluntarily transmute his sexual energies inwards and upwards and renounce all forms of infrasexual magic forever. The repented self-fornicator must also renounce the Doctrines of the Black Lodge and practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with his spouse. In addition, the repented self-fornicator must realize his own mistakes so that he can mend his ways; this is called true repentance.

Through true repentance, the repented self-fornicator must kill all forms of desire for women. He must also kill adultery and lust and cultivate ahava and kindness to the cross: husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. The repented self-fornicator must be patient if single. Whenever an intuitive feeling that the desire of beautiful women is mentally fading from existence, this is a true sign that desire of women is starting to be reduced to cosmic dust. All desires of beautiful women have a beginning and an end. Either one kills desire of women or nature will take care of you in the Abyss via Second Death. Once all forms of womanizing desire and adultery are fully eliminated, he will be able to receive his spouse according to the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

To eliminate the desire of women, you must replace this desire with the will to talk to the woman. You must always conquer the tempting serpent of Eve. You must have the will to look at woman without desire. You must have experience with the woman without desire. You must humble yourself, for the woman has free will like you. This is the true magic of attracting your spouse.

Through redemption, this is how one kills masturbation forever...

My friend, you must never commit self-fornication, or you will pave your own road to the Abyss...


Of Maids and Women In Regards Of Menstruation

Of Maids and Women In Regards of Menstruation

Of course, all maids and women in the path of the Razor's Sharp Edge must transmute sexual energies and practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with her husband, yet there is only one exception to this rule: menstruation.

Menstruation is a normal process for a maid or a woman ( who undergoes sexual detoxification. By sexual detoxification, her toxins and refuses are expelled from the body during the time of menstruation.

Leviticus 15:19 – “When a woman has a discharge consisting of blood from her body, she will be unclean due to her menstruation for seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean until evening.”

Al-Quran 2:222-223 – “And they ask you about menstruation. Say, 'it is harm (unclean), so keep away from wives during menstruation. And do not approach them (do not practice Arcanum A.Z.F.) until they are pure (clean). And when they have purified themselves, then come to them from where Allah has ordained for you. Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.' Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.”

Whenever a maid or woman says unto you (O bachelors or men) that she is menstruating, you must refrain from immaculate sexuality until she is ritually clean. She too must refuse to have the immaculate sexual magic until she is ritually clean. If you sleep with her, you must sleep in another bed away from her during her menstruation.

If the woman transmute her menstruating energies upwards and inwards to her brain, the toxins will cause harm and damage to the brain. For this, the toxins must be expelled out of the feminine sexual organs. The toxins must be submerged in the grounds of the abyss forever.

For this reason, maids and women are not allowed to submerge themselves in water during menstruation. Water can be oceans, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, baths, etc. A menstruating maid or woman, submerged in the water, will create toxic pollution in the water. In order for her to undergo menstruation, she must be cleansed by shower or bath very well prior to the menstruation.

In regards of diet, she must avoid unclean foods ( Pork and any forbidden animals will make the maid or woman also unclean.

For this reason, we, the Gnostic Movement, recommend that all Gnostic maids and women must not use tampons as a means for menstruation. These tampons, instead of allowing the toxins and refuses to be expelled, trap the toxins and refuses in her body. It is clear that the women is a receptive force and is known to collect sexual energies. All feminine, hygienic devices are not to be used by Gnostic Maids and Women.


Cat and Dog from the Underworld

Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live

Exodus 22:18 – “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

What is a witch again?

The witch is another word for a female black magician, yet this does not limit to only a female black magician (

A black magician is a magician who performs the work of magic without eliminating the sinning “I” and serves their Guardian of the Threshold...

The Guardian of their Threshold is Satan, or the sinning “I”...

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am not referring to those who appear like the modern perceptions of witches you see today. I am only referring to black magicians...

A witch can be a warlock, a sorcerer, sorceress, wizard, or a witch...

Witchcraft is the secret arts of black tantra...

Within the secret arts of black magic, they are known to commit the terrible crimes of infrasexual magic...

Infrasexual magic is the antithesis of the Arcanum A.Z.F., which is the art of white tantra...

Infrasexual magic is fornication, masturbation, adultery, and many forms of sexual impurity with the intent to manipulate the forces of nature...

These witches do not fly with a broomstick; they are able to place their bodies into hyperspace yet only in the negative way...

Then in the name of truth, the antithesis of a witch is a white magician...

Behold, there is a do and do not, and there is also a life and death (

Whenever you say (for example), thou shalt not suffer an animal to live; this is the following translation: you must suffer an animal to die. The word for this is kill. However, when you say thou shalt not suffer an animal to die; this is the following translation: you must suffer an animal to live. To suffer is partially to allow or permit.

So, ladies and gentlemen, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. In other words, you must suffer a witch to die. Why do you must suffer a witch to die?

Many reasons for killing a witch are just. Although the fifth commandment reads: “Thou shalt not kill.”, the fifth commandment is symbolic. The fifth commandment relates to the fifth Sephiroth: Geburah. Geburah is both power and willpower, and it relates with Mars ( Mars is peace, and it is also war. The regent of Mars is Samael, the archangel with the power to take soul away from Man. There is a warning about the inverted Geburah.

The inverted Geburah is anger and violence. Violence is the impure use of willpower. You must not use anger and violence to kill the witch, because wrath and violence will only give the witch more negative powers. For this reason, hate cannot drive out hate; only ahava can drive out hate. You must kill all forms of violence and anger. Murder itself is also the inverted Geburah, and murder itself must be destroyed.

So, you must declare war against the black magicians. Do not arrest the black magicians. Arresting or capturing the black magicians is potentially too dangerous, because the black magicians have very sharp intellects and are very intelligent. The black magicians will use very sharp intellects to actually escape arrest or from prison by any means of sorcery taught in their black books or by negatively placing their bodies into hyperspace. For this reason, you must kill the black magicians on the spot, yet not so fast...

If the witch chooses to sexually repent by revolving out of the Black Lodge, you must spare the former witch. To revolve out of the Black Lodge is to turn against the Guardian of the Threshold and follow your Innermost. In the name of truth, killing the remorseless witch should be the last resort should all attempts of redemption fail.

For this reason, the black magicians must not be allowed to exist. As I told you many times, a priest who recommends fornication is a black magician. The fate of the black magicians who refuse to renounce the black path will be sealed by the following: “But to the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually immoral and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death (Revelations 21:8).”



Volcanoes are mountains that are awake.

Its blood is fire. Its inner chamber is magma.

Out of their mouths vomit lava and fire.

The archangel Samael is the king of volcanoes. All volcanoes must be respected with nature.

A mountain that sleeps is an inactive volcano.

A mountain that awakes is destined to be a volcano.

An awakened mountain can spew avalanches that bury the fornicators to the ground.

The awakened mountain likes to smoke for leisure out of its mouth before blowing its head.

Whenever the ground awakes, it is called an earthquake.

Volcanoes are atomic, destructive, and powerful.

Those who fornicate (those who do not heed these warnings) are immolated by the destructive power of the volcano and cast into everlasting fire.

He who awakens the lower three churches has power over volcanoes and lava.

Volcanoes have the power to create thunderstorms of fire and brimstone. Even the driest lightning is derived from the powers of the volcano. Volcanoes can create windstorms of fire. Volcanoes can create toxic fogs of ash. Then in the name of truth, volcanoes have the power to manipulate weather.

Volcanoes are both creators and destroyers. Volcanoes can create tall mountains by themselves, or shape the land whatever it seems fit. Volcanic eruptions can also destroy totally or partially any mountain.


How Not To Be Afraid   How do you not be afraid? What is afraid? Afraid is defined in the dictionary as feeling fear. What is fear? Fear, defined in the dictionary, is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. However, True Evidence Appearing Real is the acronym for tear, which actually means real fear. A man is reduced to tears out of true fear.

Consider this passage of Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Gnosis/Da'ath). Because you have rejected knowledge (by means of fornicating), I will also reject (divorce) you as My priests (White Magician). Since you have forgotten the law of your God (will of Yah-Hovah Elohim), I will also forget (forsaken) your children.”

Out of fornication, humans are converted into intellectual animals. Also out of fornication, humans are converted into demons. Out of fornication, the soul dies. And thus, when the humanoids obey desire, they fall into degeneration, for they “trade glory (of Yah-Hovah Elohim) for a thing of disgrace (desire)” (Hosea 4:7). Out of fornication, they multiply out of control and out of balance with nature. Out of fornication gives birth to black magicians. Out of fornication, an intelligent criminal (either from a lone wolf to a mastermind) is born. Out of fornication, the whole world is filled with pollution ( &

The White Moon on a cloudy night

The opposite of being afraid is being bold or brave, yet the one thing you should only fear is Yah-Hovah Elohim and nothing else. To fear Yah-Hovah Elohim is to only apply the divine laws of Yah-Hovah Elohim and to humbly obey the will of Yah-Hovah. The sinning “I” is thanophobic; it is truly afraid of death, for it is a voldemort (fleeing from death). Even worse, the sinning “I” truly fears Gnosis and calls itself the king of all things above everything else.

For this, you must reduce your sinning “I” to cosmic dust via psychological death. He who dies from moment to moment is indeed truly brave. One must die in order to live. He who lives without elimination of the “I” does not spiritually progress. The sinning “I” does not want to die; it only desires to live forever and calls itself immortal. The sinning “I” is always subjected to birth and death, for the “I” has a beginning and an end. The sinning “I” thinks that it does not know fear, yet it does truly know fear.

Behold, when the humanoids morally reject the Gnostic doctrine, they show true fear. What is the best method of being bold or brave? Instead of being a victim of fear, you have to be fear. You must only fear Yah-Hovah Elohim in order to be fear; that is all. Even telling the truth is a revolutionary act, which can lead to black magicians morally hating and fearing you. Do not associate with fear or boldness by the will and assumption of the sinning “I”. You must be capable of fear with the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim. Be warned: the intellectual animals will morally defend the unforgiving crime of fornication with their lives.

Haunted house

The intellectual animals do not have a solid ground for defending fornication. The intellectual animals have a weak foundation; even the slightest touch of truth can destroy a foundation of lies into rubble. The best and moral method of intellectual animals fearing you is the powerful alliance of Gnosis and the immaculate sexuality. It is also the immaculate sexual act with your spouse through ahava (love) which also brings fear in the hearts of impurity. Both male and female in the Perfect Matrimony create the cross, which vampires ( morally hate the cross.

Then in the name of truth, to be brave is to fear Yah-Hovah Elohim and nothing more. Fear is to 0, and bold is to 1. It is ignorance that is to 0, and Gnosis is to 1 ( Do not accept earthly fears; only accept the fear of Yah-Hovah Elohim. This is how you turn fear against those who prey on the fearful.



What is an Inference? What is to infer? To infer is to derive or deduce by reasoning or conclusion through premises and evidences. Inferences are crucial for critical and dynamic readers, even those with a very high intelligent quotient scores. How do you correctly apply inferences?

Here are the correct ways to use inferences:

I) Do not go out of bounds.

A) Whenever you are reading from essays to novels from various sources, do not go outside of the box. To go out of the box is similar to go out of bounds. Whenever you read an post about the Perfect Matrimony and the Arcanum A.Z.F., there is a good tendency for the sinning “I” to rebel against these things. By following the sinning “I”, this is one of the mistakes by making inferences the wrong way. The sinning “I” is rebellious against Gnosis, and it desires to go out of bounds into its own way of itself.

B) There is an exempting case to go out of the box if and only if any materials contain theories, beliefs, dogmas, and lies: If for any reason that any piece of literature contains theories and/or pieces of black magic, do not accept these noxious materials.

II) Do not jump to conclusions without any sufficient evidence.

A) True. Jumping conclusions without evidence is indeed a true failure in inferences. This is also known as false inference. This is also a scenario that if you have won a prize from an ad and accepted it too unexpectedly-foolish, a real trap awaits you. This also simplifies a get-rich-quick ad, only to end up as a computer virus or a scam if you clicked an ad. This is said in 1 Timothy 6:9, “Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.”

B) Prostitutes are another example to this rule. Prostitutes can register on any social media, and in their concealed identity, they will leave an sexual impression which desire is exceedingly good to be true. They will be sexually luring you in the unforgiving trap of fornication online. All prostitutes are adulteresses. All desires are never satisfied. This is why that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend deleting your online dating accounts for physically meeting your spouse.

C) Jumping to conclusion without sufficient evidence is accusing a victim of a crime based on theoretical assumption without any piece of evidence to support. This scenario leads a victim to prison which he is already innocent, imprisoning the wrong person and allowing the real criminal (the sorcerer) to escape. Once all evidences are collected like a puzzle piece, then you can jump to conclusions.

III) Do not let stereotypes or prejudices color your interpretations.

A) All stereotypes include theories, beliefs, dogmas, mental-materialism, and lies. These fatal stereotypes dulls your ability to reasonably infer. Only practicality and experience will clear your interpretations in the art of inferences.

B) Do not show any prejudices while reading. Do not be racially biased, or racially superior than all others. This creates a faulty in inferences. You must show an unbiased view of racial equality in order to make inferences.

IV) Read only between the lines

A) This says everything: Stay only between the lines. Reading between the lines is only staying within the boundary lines as you read. This is the main art of Inference.

This is how you correctly make inferences. Do not go out of bounds, Do not jump to conclusions without any sufficient evidence, do not let stereotypes or prejudices color your interpretations, and read only between the lines. That is the sacred rule of making inferences.


Power of the Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are atomic and powerful.

Lightning is an atomic, electrical energy of explosion and fire.

Lightning is of the sun, yet hotter.

Lightning is the atomic union of both male and female.

Lightning itself is sex.

Lightning is an atomic sexual energy with the power to create or destroy.

The roar of the thunder travels like sound, yet the explosive roar is a very brief earthquake. Then in the name of truth, thunder is forte-sonic, or very strong sound. The closer the lightning is, the more atomic the explosion is.

The Archangel Michael is the king of the sun and of the lightning.

If one sees lightning not too close, thunder is not yet heard immediately; the time that thunder arrives depends on the speed of sound on any elevation.

Lightning lives within the strongest Ananim (עננים), the strongest clouds with the sexual power to create the least dangerous thunderstorms known to man.

A severe lightning storm is powerful enough to create frequent-ground destruction of fire. The mental sound of M, or mmm, is sufficient to create thunderstorms. The secret to manipulate weather lies within the fish and immaculate sexuality.

He who awakens the first two churches have power over tempests and thunderstorms. For the one who awakens the first two churches has the power of a severe thunderstorm and is atomically dangerous.

No humanoid has the power to conquer and control lightning, save those who are born of fire and water (the child of resurrection). No humanoid has the power to tame or create a thunderstorm; this power belongs to humans and angels, born of fire and water.

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