Burglar and a thief


Did you not know that a plagiarist is a fornicator?

A plagiarist is a thief that steals the creator’s original content, and then publishes the stolen content publicly. He would then claim that he is the owner of that content, which he is actually not by failing to disclose the real credit of its content and does so without explicit permission. With credits, he can deceptively credit himself as the original author.

A plagiarist lacks creative abilities of his own and lives through the desire of personal or impersonal gain to steal content in order to survive like the psychological aggregate. Like a prideful aggregate, he desires to be number one above everything else. Like fornication and lust, desires are not and will never be satisfied.

An example to this is Andrea Harrington, also known as High Priestess Maxine Dietrich from satanisgod.com (or joyofsatan.com [a forerunner of Neo-Nazism]). She is known to steal content from occult and metaphysical authors, and then she claims that she received it from “Satan and the gods/demons”. Later, she posted them stolen content deceptively and rewording whenever necessary. She is also known for scanning copyrighted books into pdf files, and then she illicitly posted them to the public on one of her Neo-Nazi/Satanic websites (I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, forgot the source of the website; nevertheless, I witnessed these illicit pdf files uploaded while surfing there). Andrea Harrington herself recommended fornication to her readers/followers and prohibits chastity on her website, going far as to label as “unhealthy”. Behold, Andrea Harrington is not only a fornicator, she is also a black magician.

Fortunately, the plagiarist will meet his downfall into pain and suffering.

The original creators will always be chaste, for he has creative powers and the ability to kill all forms of desire. For I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, create all original work. If it is not original, I would make reference or guide you to the source of the original work. Most of my inspiration of writing all the posts on my blogs are done so from receiving knowledge from the superior worlds, or applying knowledge and experience into a major lesson for all of humanity to know and what to experience.

The abominable vice of plagiarism will destroy your reputation like fragile glass. Once broken, it cannot be repaired. Please don’t plagiarize...

Bonus: Your Spouse

Plagiarism is not limited to stealing the owner's original content; plagiarism is also defined in a relationship. Plagiarism, in relationships, defines as stealing or taking a spouse that is not yours and claiming her as your spouse. Plagiarism itself is Adultery. Plagiarism is desire.

For those who have creative abilities, he will be able to patiently receive his spouse from the White Lodge when he is ready to be married. Once received, he will have his true and rightful spouse as his original spouse. The original spouse is the original work made by the author.