Power of the Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are atomic and powerful.

Lightning is an atomic, electrical energy of explosion and fire.

Lightning is of the sun, yet hotter.

Lightning is the atomic union of both male and female.

Lightning itself is sex.

Lightning is an atomic sexual energy with the power to create or destroy.

The roar of the thunder travels like sound, yet the explosive roar is a very brief earthquake. Then in the name of truth, thunder is forte-sonic, or very strong sound. The closer the lightning is, the more atomic the explosion is.

The Archangel Michael is the king of the sun and of the lightning.

If one sees lightning not too close, thunder is not yet heard immediately; the time that thunder arrives depends on the speed of sound on any elevation.

Lightning lives within the strongest Ananim (עננים), the strongest clouds with the sexual power to create the least dangerous thunderstorms known to man.

A severe lightning storm is powerful enough to create frequent-ground destruction of fire. The mental sound of M, or mmm, is sufficient to create thunderstorms. The secret to manipulate weather lies within the fish and immaculate sexuality.

He who awakens the first two churches have power over tempests and thunderstorms. For the one who awakens the first two churches has the power of a severe thunderstorm and is atomically dangerous.

No humanoid has the power to conquer and control lightning, save those who are born of fire and water (the child of resurrection). No humanoid has the power to tame or create a thunderstorm; this power belongs to humans and angels, born of fire and water.