Sexual Alchemy

Whom You Practice Sexual Alchemy With

Whom do you practice sexual alchemy with? The sexual alchemy is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The Arcanum A.Z.F. is the straight and narrow path which leads to life and to the kingdom of the Innermost (Yah-Hovah Elohim, Allah, etc.). Little and behold, these are the words of the Elohim...

You can only practice sexual alchemy with your priestess-spouse. This is the law. Your priestess-spouse is the woman or the maid, given unto you by the will of the Innermost. Your priestess-spouse is a delicate vessel, and she must be treated with upmost respect. She is the athanor in the language of alchemy. You must prepare your body little by little for the great Arcanum and for the holy athanor. This practice is exceedingly difficult and requires great willpower to dominate and conquer the negative serpent. This practice is sexual, for one must sexually connect with his priestess-spouse without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm. This is the secret of the Arcanum A.Z.F.. You must also kill the sinning ā€œIā€ via psychological death.

You must learn to truly adore her, for I would find it virtually impossible to return to the kingdom of the Innermost without adoring the woman. The sexual alchemy is performed with true ahava, eliminating all forms of sexual desire. Short duration of sexual connection is required for beginners to adapt for the times ahead. Little by little can the duration of the sexual connection be lengthened. Willpower is required during the sexual connection, for our motto of Gnosis is Thelema (meaning willpower). He who lets his willpower down will inevitably fail the immaculate sexual act. His willpower must exceed that of the strongest and fatal temptation of the negative serpent, for the temptation of the negative serpent is at the strongest during the sexual connection.

Both priest and priestess-spouse must voluntarily transmute their sexual energies inwards and upwards. You and your spouse must voluntarily break the sexual connection if the sexual organs are too hyper sensitive or when erection is lost. The Kundalini can only be awaken by you and your priestess-spouse, and by you and your priestess-spouse only.

If you practice sexual alchemy with a spouse who is not your priestess-spouse, you are sincerely committing adultery. Adultery is an unforgiving abomination unto the Innermost. He who commits adultery loses the will to his rightful spouse by the White Lodge and will be tossed to and fro by the very arms of the terribly, perverse demon: Nahemah.

Adam and Eve departed the Garden of Eden after the improper use of sexuality. In the name of truth, sex is the door to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve must also return to the Garden of Eden, through the same door in which they exited: sexuality. So likewise, you and your priestess-spouse exited the Garden of Eden through the improper use of sexuality. Both you and your priestess-spouse must return to the same door you exited: immaculate sexuality.

Sexual alchemy must be practiced with only your priestess-spouse, given unto you by the will of the Innermost.