Matrimonial Bed

Sleeping With Your Spouse

How to sleep with your spouse?

You have already met your spouse, and you have already started to raise her (elevate her by means of chastity). Both of you later agree to co-habituate with each other (please see this link below).

The next step is to sleep with your spouse.

The perverse (humanoids) ones say, “Let us get married together.” Along the Path of the Tao (Razor's Sharp Edge), the couples say together, “Let us sleep together.”

To sleep with your spouse is very difficult. You must purify yourself by means of chastity and actions with goodness. You must kill all forms of lust and impurity by renouncing fornication forever. To sleep with your spouse forms the cross, which is the foundation of monogamous-heterosexuality.

You and your spouse must sleep separate bed for at least three months in order for the body to be fully adjusted and prepared for White Tantra. Both you and your spouse must dress modestly for sleeping. Men must wear pajama pants (or bathing trunks) while the rest of the body is nude; he can optionally wear a shirt for sleeping. Women must wear pajama pants and pajama shirts to cover her breasts. In other words, she must cover her body with her bed clothing. The White Lodge demands modesty, chastity, and purity. You must not sleep naked; it can trigger desire and lust!

For you and your spouse to sleep together, you must purchase (or have) a queen-sized bed or a king-sized bed. For the next three months the yogi (alchemist) must sleep on the left side of the bed, while the yogini (spouse) sleeps on the right side. For female initiates, she sleeps on the right side while he sleeps on the left side.

For the last three months remaining, the yogi sleeps on the right side of the bed while the yogini sleeps on the left side of the bed. For female initiates, she sleeps on the left side while he sleeps on the right side.

During at least nine months, both couple must prepare themselves for White Tantra, the Sahaja Maithuna. The preparation is very difficult. Through rites, meditation, rune, and consciousness awakening, it is always difficult. He who accepts that life is difficult is a stronger adept. Slowly and safely, the body must be prepared for White Tantra. Marriages are serious, committing, and ahava (loving), for marriages are never taken very lightly. Once you are married to your spouse, there is no turning back (or you cannot put asunder).

After the nine (or more) months of preparation can the couple perform sexual alchemy, or sexual intercourse, without spilling the seed. This is how the couple are irreversibly married.

Anyone (including family member or earthly parents) attempting to circumvent the cross (couples sleeping together) will lose their son and daughter by means of divorce (to be disowned by the couple).

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