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The Benefits of Immaculate Sexual Magic

Behold, there are many benefits of immaculate sexual magic, as Samael Aun Weor wrote in his book: The Revolution of Beelzebub. The immaculate sexual magic is to connect sexually with a spouse without spilling the seminal liquor. This sacred act of immaculate sexuality is exceedingly difficult. You must kill all forms of lust, impurity, and fornication. In the name of truth, the Arcanum A.Z.F. is the true path to final liberation.

Sex cannot be avoid nor desired. Immaculate sexuality is the straight and narrow path, which is also called the Razor's Sharp Edge.

Here are the benefits of immaculate sexual magic:

I) Both man and woman continue to ahava (love) each other with growing intensity, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

II) The immaculate sexual magic does not fill the spouses' lives with children.

III) Wife rejuvenates and turns beautiful and attractive, thanks to the sexual charging from her husband.

IV) Man rejuvenates and does not appear old. Even at an old age, he will still appear young thanks to the sexual charging from his wife. Life, luck, and happiness will be everywhere.

V) The tempting serpent of Eve is raised and restored back to the staff with the male serpent, allowing the Kundalini to awaken and to rise up the spinal column.

VI) The internal and superior worlds, known as the invisible worlds, are disclosed before the eyes of the couple; hence, they will be able to see multi-dimensionally.

VII) They will able to perceive and understand Yah-Hovah Elohim (Allah, or the Innermost) directly; hence, the couple will be converted into a king and queen of nature, allowing them to exercise control over the forces of nature (namely water, fire, earth, and air).

VIII) They will be granted the Elixir of Long Life, so that they will be able to pay any remaining debt they have accrued.

IX) Death will be no more. It is in dying that they receive everlasting life; hence, they will be able to return to the Garden of Eden. One must die in order to live.

X) It also allows the couple to be born again, not of the flesh, but of fire and water. Being born of fire and water allows the couple to return to the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

XI) The fire of the Holy Spirit illuminates the couple from within.