The Binary Code

The Binary Code

In the language of binaries, there are only two numbers. They are 1 and 0. 1 is the man, active and alive. 0 is the sinning “I”, passive and spiritually dead. 1 is the Shamayim, the heavens. 0 is the Abyss, the depths of Hell. 1 is Intuitive. 0 is Intellectual. 1 is spiritually awakened. 0 is spiritually asleep.

Behold, the 1 is the Moshe (Moses), born of fire and water. 1 is also the degree in Celsius in which the ice melts into water. The One is the positive serpent, or the bronze serpent of Moshe. The 1 is the living waters. The 1 is also the Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. 1 degree Celsius is 33 degrees Fahrenheit. 33 is the numeric code for the union of man and woman to form the cross. Through this cross, the Perfect Matrimony of man and woman is created by the immaculate sexual act. 1 is also the code for chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F. Through the code 1, the soul is born of water and the spirit. Both man and woman are the One themselves. So therefore, the 1 is positive.

0 is the sinning “I”. 0 is the degree in Celsius in which water freezes to ice. 0 is the binary code for winter. The 0 is the code for spiritual death. The famous Winter Warlock is the Guardian of the Threshold. A warlock is a sorcerer, or a black magician. The Zero is the negative serpent, or the tempting serpent of Eve, flowing downwards to form the tail of Satan. That Winter Warlock is Satan. The 0 represents the degenerated mind of man, whom the Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus represents the tyrant in which jealously rules over the man-made civilization. The 0 represents fornication and desire. 0 degrees Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit in which water freezes to ice. 0 represents the essence imprisoned by the sinning “I”. The winter warlock is a legion of pluralized “I”. Yahweh himself is a winter warlock, for he is the Chief of the Black Magicians.

One does not equal to Zero. The One and the Zero do not mix. Elohim and the devil do not mix. The One and the Zero do not make peace with each other; they always do battle endlessly. Sex itself is the battlefield for the One and the Zero ( Only the One has everlasting life; the Zero does not have everlasting life. The Zero is always subjected to the Second Death. The Zero always fear death; it will always attempt to fly from death. The Zero can also be called a Voldemort (in French: flight from death and also in Spanish: volar+de+morir).

For the 0 to be 1, the sinning “I” must be killed. The Winter warlock must be killed. It is Satan, the legions of pluralized “I”, that must be killed. You must comprehend the sinning “I” in order to eliminate it. Moreover, the fallen, negative serpent must be dominated and conquered, keeping it alive in order to restore it back to its rightful place with the masculine serpent. From 0 to 1 in alchemy, the lead of the ego, or the devil, must be transmuted into the spiritual gold of the consciousness. Only when desire is fully abandoned, the state of the One is realized. Only through chastity and the Perfect Matrimony will the state of the One is realized. Only by abandoning desire, the winter warlock will melt to its true death. By forming the cross through the immaculate sexuality, the sinning “I” will melt to death.