The Danger and Deception of Democracy

There are flaws, dangers, and deceptions of democracy, ladies and gentlemen. Let us first look at the two words: democracy and republic.

Democracy, in etymology, is government by the people in Greek. Demos means people in Greek. -Cracy is ruler or power. From etymoline.com, Democracy is “government by the people, system of government in which the sovereign power is vested in the people as a whole exercising power directly or by elected officials...” Republic, from etymoline.com, is a “state in which supreme power rests in the people via elected representatives.” Both Democracy and Republic have the word people as the principal keyword of sovereign power.

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Whenever you have “government by the people”, what type of people are we discussing about? Around 97% to 99% of the entire “human” population world are humanoids. The humanoids are the rational, or intellectual, animals that mistakenly called themselves humans. They appear like humans, yet in reality they are not humans. They are humanoids that have the psychological aggregates within themselves. All psychological aggregates are born from fornication. When humanity fornicated, they fell into the world of pain and suffering; hence, the intellectual animal is born.

What happens then when we use the words: government by the humanoids? What kind of order do we have? It all depends on the behavior, or fruits, of the humanoids. We started out from monastic polytheism from the beginning during the ages when humanity was morally good. When polytheism is abused and degenerated, monotheism replaces polytheism. However, when one rebels against monotheism, atheism is born. We, Gnostics, must return to monastic polytheism (https://thewhitemagician.writeas.com/catholic).


Whenever democracy, or the republic, morally rejects the Laws of Yah-Hovah Elohim, democracy is on a short step towards atheism and communism. Atheism is the moral rejection of theism and the divine laws of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

Communism is a “social system based on collective ownership”. Atheism plus democracy equals communism. Communist nations are always Statists, and they morally reject the Innermost and the divine laws. Let us look at the case study of all known communist nations as examples: North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba. North Korea is also known as Democratic People's Republic of Korea. China is also known as People's Republic of China. Vietnam is also known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Laos is also known as Laos People's Democratic Republic. Cuba is also known as the Republic of Cuba. The primary keywords are people, republic, and democracy.

Government by the socialistic, atheistic, intellectual animals is tyranny. In the name of truth, communism is tyranny. Tyranny is always about order with limited to no freedom. Whenever the tyrants say “We will have order”, tyranny with little to no freedom is always the end result. Look no closely than North Korea as an example, it is North Korea with the worst record of human rights. North Korea is a known totalitarian nation.

Whenever the tyrants fear true humans, there is liberty and order. Whenever the anarchists fear true humans, there is too liberty and order. Yet when the humanoids degenerate themselves out of liberty and order; the result will either be anarchy or governmental totalitarianism. In the name of truth, whenever the humanoids morally fear the government, there is either anarchy or totalitarianism. Yet in truth, there is no true freedom for the humanoids. They are not kings and queens of nature, even they believe they are royalties of nature. The intellectual animals are truly slaves to nature.

Here is only one sentence that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, will stress out the most, for the prideful humanoids will not understand this: The intellectual animals are not always right. All intellectual animals are imperfect. A totalitarian leader or president is not always right. An intellectual animal, leader or citizen, saying that he is always right is totally absurd. He instead is filling himself with vanity to which he will precipitate himself to the Abyss.

Only by killing the sinning “I” can truly destroy the communist states. Communist states cannot be destroyed by protesting or destroying the totalitarian government; it can only be destroyed by internal revolution though killing the sinning “I”. Only by not identifying yourself as a nation, state, politics, social status, etc. can we be truly free. Only by transmuting the intellectual animal into a true human can destroy the communist state.

Democracy will lead to communism if the sexual behavior of the humanoids are left unchecked and atheistic. We must remember the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim. We must have freedom and order for the sake of humanity.