Gnostic Diet

The Gnostic Diet

What can I eat as a Gnostic Initiate?

There are primary rules of the Gnostic Diet which, of course, are the following:

I) Do not practice vegetarianism or veganism. II) Do not eat unclean animals. III) Do not eat more than 25 percent of meat per day.


For those in vegetarianism or veganism, you should not be practicing veganism or vegetarianism. Here is the reason why:

You, including I (Juan Mirieth Auriel), are subjected to the laws of the three. The Law of the Three is listed as the following: The Holy Acceptance, The Holy Negation, and The Holy Conciliation. Consider these examples as the definition of these three laws:

I) Example #1: A tiger hunts and kills the wild boar for breakfast. The tiger is the Holy Acceptance, the wild boar is the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation acts as an active force between the two.

II) Example #2: A Cat catches and kills a rat for a snack. Here, the cat is the Holy Acceptance, the rat is the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation acts as an active force between the two.

III) Example #3: The lion eats the zebra alive for dinner. This me: the lion is the Holy Acceptance, the zebra is the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation acts as an active force between the two.

IV) Example #4: You shot and killed a cow for a family banquet with a hunting party. You, this time, are the Holy Acceptance, the cow is the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation acts as an active force between you and the cow.

Now consider this if you are a vegan or vegetarian:

There are microscopic maggots inside of you that are killing you and eating you as a food to survive. This time: the maggots are the Holy Acceptance, you are the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation acts as an active force between the maggots and you. In other words, you will start dying the moment you choose to be either a vegetarian or a vegan.

The same is said for a dog. Introduce vegetarianism or veganism to the dog, and the dog starts dying: plain and simple. Never introduce vegetarianism or veganism to the dog. Once the dog is accustomed to vegetarianism or veganism, the dog is dead, all according to the Law of the Three.

In the name of truth, I was recently a Vegan from the end of March until late May, and practiced it several mes before I was disappointed with Veganism. Just minutes before eating sardines, I was exhausted and I felt like dying from Veganism. I knew I was about to be the Holy Negation by the microscopic maggots; when I resumed to be a meat-eater, I felt life and strength returning in me.

Vegetarians and veganism will not be able to be a Gnostic initiate. You will never see a Gnostic student or instructor practice vegetarianism or veganism. The real truth of meat-eaters is simple: meat-eaters have a longer lifespan than vegetarians and vegans combined. Vegans have a very short lifespan than vegetarians and meat-eaters. I have been a Vegan, done that, and never will resume and practice Veganism again.

So, do not practice vegetarianism or veganism, or you will be eaten by the microscopic maggots as the Holy Negation.


In the Chris an Bible of Leviticus 11:1-47, there is a list of clean animals to eat and a list of unclean animals to avoid eating.

For red meat, you can only eat animals that has both the following characteristics: that chews its cud and has split hooves. The list of clean animals are examples by the following:

I) Cow II) Sheep III) Goat IV) Lamb V) Any animal that has both the required characteristics.

Here are unclean, red meat:

I) Pig (Pork) II) Rabbit III) Camel IV) Any animal that does not have both of the required characteristics.

For poultry, here are the clean animals that you can eat:

I) Chicken II) Duck III) Quail IV) Turkey V) Goose

In regards with unclean poultry, you cannot eat a scavenger bird or a bird of prey.

Both red meat and poultry carries the element of fire. Red meat has more fire than poultry and consuming it too much will make you lazy. Consuming red meat up to 2 to 3 times a week is moderate. Poultry can be eaten semi-liberally up to 5 to 7 servings a week.

For seafood, you are only permitted to eat fish that has both fins and scales. You can eat sardines, tuna, herring, and salmon. Fish oil from permitted fish is allowed.

Shellfish and fish that does not have both the required characteristics is forbidden.

Eating fish stir up the water in you and can be eaten liberally.

For insects, you are only permitted to eat insects which has four legs and has jointed legs above their feet and hops on the ground. You can eat any locust, grasshopper, and crickets. Any insects other than the permitted insects, you will not eat.

Out of dairy, you can only eat eggs and dairy from kosher animals, not from unclean animals.

You must not eat unclean animals. Unclean animals are devolving animals that, whenever are eaten, will strengthen the psychological aggregates (the Ego, sinning I, or Satan) and also strengthen lust and desire. Eating unclean animals will result in you being unclean. You will strengthen the chances of fornication (by emission of semen) should you choose to eat unclean animals.

I would recommend abiding the law of Kosher for Jews or Christians, or you can also abide to Halal foods for Muslims.


The thumb rule is no more than 25% of meat a day. Or you cannot exceed the size of meat than the size of your hand. It is best to kill more psychological aggregates than to worry about the small size of meat you eat. Eating too much meat is poisonous to your body and will fuel desire.


I) The majority of the food must be vegetables and fruits. These are the foods that solidify the Earth. Remember to eat not gluttonous nor too little, but in moderation with temperance.

II) One of the foods that circulate the air is wine. Wine is unfermented grape juice. Wine can also be used in the Eucharist. Do not drink fermented or ultra fermented grape juice. Fermented Grape Juice is called Grape Alcohol, and Ultra-fermented Grape Juice is called Grape Vinegar. You must renounce the abominable vice of alcohol forever. The name alcohol is from Algol, which is a demon. Whoever drinks alcohol is invoking the demon Algol.

III) Do not eat fake foods, GMOs, or any food that has empty nutri on. Avoid canned fruits and vegetables.

IV) Avoid white flour, white rice, or any processed grains. Go for whole wheat flour (Whole Foods Brand is Kosher), brown rice, or whole grains. You must eliminate or limit phytic acid in your body. If you must eat these foods, soak nuts, seeds, and/or grains overnight before eating them or cooking them.

V) Avoid hydrogenated or processed oils, these have bad fats.

VI) Do not use a microwave to cook your food, use the stove or the oven.

VII) Do not drink water containing sodium fluoride. Drink distilled or alkaline water.

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