Christ Jesus

The Letter to Humanity of the Earth – Be Ye Not Called Masters

Greetings, my fellow brethren, my friends, ladies and gentlemen, and misters and mistresses:

“But be ye not called master: for one is your master, even Christ” – Matthew 23:8

Do not be called master; not even you should be called king, queen, prince, princess, lord, your majesty, or any noble titles (Duke, Duchess, Count, Countess, etc.) alike. These titles are personally noble. Even in modern martial arts, there is a master residing. You must not also be called CEOs, managers, or executives (President for example). All personal titles are associated with pride. Pride, itself, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, was, am, and always will be the humble servant of Yod-Havah Elohim. I am also the student of Gnostic Teachings, and whenever I am promoted to an instructor, I will add my impersonality of instructor with student to remind myself that I am still a humble servant of Yod-Havah. I must be called a Mister than a Master. Whenever I am promoted to the instructor-student, I can also be addressed as Friend, but as a Mister I must remain.

The Gnostic Movement is impersonal; it is made out of humble workers and laborers all over the world.

All humble workers and laborers agreed not to be persons; therefore, we must reject any personalization and must not be identified with any personality. Everyone is more or less imperfect. We must also recognize that Christ Jesus is our only Master. Jesus Christ does not respect and praise to the personal, noble titles of men; Christ Jesus only respects and praises unto Yod-Havah Elohim (the Innermost).

I, Mr. Juan Mirieth Auriel, am imperfect. You, my friend, are also imperfect. Even your spouse is more or less imperfect. As a general rule in the Gnostic Tradition, we do not follow anyone imperfect. Although you can subscribe to my website by your own free will, please do not follow me. Instead, follow Yod-Havah Elohim (Allah for Muslims, follow Christ Jesus, etc.), for whom is perfect. Realize yourself; this is indeed better.

In the Gnostic Movement which regards the terms of address, you can humbly address your fellow brethren by either the following list:

I) Mister (Mr.)

II) Mistress (Mrs.)

III) Gentleman (Or Goodman, the Puritan way of saying Mr.)

IV) Goody (Puritan way of saying Mrs.)

V) Friend

Do not, however, address your fellow brethren as “Brother” or “Sister”, since the usage of the two words has been abuse (please see this link here to find out why).

So, do not call other people masters, and do not be called masters, for one is Christ Jesus. Please do not call me “Master” Juan Mirieth Auriel, “Brother” Juan Mirieth Auriel, or any of the prideful titles alike. Please call me Mister Juan Mirieth Auriel. Use modest titles/terms of address in addressing your fellow brethren.

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Yours truly,

Mr. Juan Mirieth Auriel