The Magic of Attracting Your Spouse

The Magic of Attracting Your Spouse

Desires are never satisfied.

The desire of beautiful women is adultery.

There are two darker pieces of infraseuxal magic where I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, will now expose so that all humanity avoid theses...

Within this infrasexual magic, one self-fornicates with the mental desire for a woman. With an imaginary woman is sufficient for this dark piece of magic. He inserts mentally his virile member into the imaginary vagina and commits this terrible crime of self-edification until the orgasm is reached. The imaginary woman can also be mentally created by the impure act of pornography, where one looks at erotic images of beautiful women with lust. This is indeed true sorcery. When one spills his seed through this dark magic, the imaginary woman is now a succubus and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is heard unto the heavens. By this dark magic, you will only attract deadly succubi, never a real woman. This succubi is the feminine astral larvae attaches your body and breathes unto you only lust, never ahava. The succubi feeds on your fornication which gives them life. It is adultery in real life.

A woman who commits self-fornication creates incubi, or a male astral larvae.

It is a crime to commit self-fornication. Self-fornication is also blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Another word for self-fornication is masturbation. Also out of self-fornication, there is a darker magic in which one orally and inwardly reabsorbs the spilled seed back to his body. You will never obtain true liberation by reabsorbing the spilled seed through self-fornication. This dangerous magic only gives more fuel and power to Satan, the sinning ā€œIā€. This fatal magic can also create and strengthen more sinning ā€œIā€s. Desire is greatly increase by orally reabsorbing the spilled seed through self-fornication. Out of fornication breeds criminals and demons. Reabsorbing the spilled seed can also awaken the Abominable Mother Kundabuffer, or the awakening of impurity for impurity. Self-fornication plus orally reabsorbing the spilled seed also equals blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Again, this is sorcery. He who recommends these two dangerous arts is also a black magician.

These are not allowed in the White Lodge. You will be expelled from the White Lodge by committing the unforgivable crimes of fornication...

A self-fornicator, or a masturbator, is not entirely beyond being saved. There is still a second chance for redemption. Redemption only relies on the immaculate sexual act. By the immaculate sexual act, the repented self-fornicator must voluntarily transmute his sexual energies inwards and upwards and renounce all forms of infrasexual magic forever. The repented self-fornicator must also renounce the Doctrines of the Black Lodge and practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with his spouse. In addition, the repented self-fornicator must realize his own mistakes so that he can mend his ways; this is called true repentance.

Through true repentance, the repented self-fornicator must kill all forms of desire for women. He must also kill adultery and lust and cultivate ahava and kindness to the cross: husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. The repented self-fornicator must be patient if single. Whenever an intuitive feeling that the desire of beautiful women is mentally fading from existence, this is a true sign that desire of women is starting to be reduced to cosmic dust. All desires of beautiful women have a beginning and an end. Either one kills desire of women or nature will take care of you in the Abyss via Second Death. Once all forms of womanizing desire and adultery are fully eliminated, he will be able to receive his spouse according to the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim.

To eliminate the desire of women, you must replace this desire with the will to talk to the woman. You must always conquer the tempting serpent of Eve. You must have the will to look at woman without desire. You must have experience with the woman without desire. You must humble yourself, for the woman has free will like you. This is the true magic of attracting your spouse.

Through redemption, this is how one kills masturbation forever...

My friend, you must never commit self-fornication, or you will pave your own road to the Abyss...