King of Nature

The Path to Sovereignty

What is sovereignty, ladies and gentlemen?

Let us look at two definitions of sovereignty:

1) Sovereign is a monarch, or a king or queen, or other supreme ruler.

2) Sovereign is a person who has supreme power or authority.

A sovereign is a king or queen of nature. A sovereign is a natural monarch. A sovereign is also a supreme ruler of nature, granting him power over the elements of nature. A sovereign is a Gnostic disciple who has supreme power or authority. In the name of truth, a sovereign is a true human being, never the humanoids. A true sovereign never identifies himself as a sovereign; instead, the true sovereign humbly calls himself the Servant of the Innermost (Yah-Hovah Elohim, Allah, etc.) He who exalts himself will be humbled, yet he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Only the meek and the humble ones shall inherit the Earth, yet the sovereign must be born again of water and the spirit. The path to sovereignty is sexual. Sex itself is power. Knowledge, or gnosis, is also power. Sex relates to Gnosis.

There are two types of sovereigns: the humanoid sovereign and the natural sovereign.

The humanoid sovereigns are a groups of “royal-blooded” humanoids that rule over their national kingdoms. The humanoid sovereignty is no doubt the richest group in earthly wealth of all the humanoids in the world. Here, the humanoid sovereignty call themselves “kings or queens”. However, they are not truly the kings and queens of nature. Yes, they rule nations with authority. As a general rule, all humanoids have their consciousness asleep due to their unforgiving sin against the Holy Spirit. When the “royal” humanoids have authority, they do not have self-cognizant authority; the “royal” humanoids only have unconscious authority. They believe themselves to be free from all the pains and sufferings, yet by law, the royal humanoids are subjected to disease and death like all humanoids.

The natural sovereigns are those who have killed their sinning “I”s in order to be born again of fire and water. The natural sovereign is the child of resurrection. All natural sovereigns have power over the elements of nature. The natural sovereigns always humble themselves before their Innermost; hence, they never call themselves “kings and queens”. The natural sovereigns are truly the kings and queens of nature through immaculate sexuality. They may or may not have powerful, earthly wealth; they are rich through the sacred art of white tantra. The natural sovereigns are indeed true humans. It is natural sovereigns that have true authority. True authority itself is self-cognizant authority. Self-cognizant authority is indeed far more powerful than the unconscious authority of the humanoids. Natural sovereigns do not appear like royal ones; they are anonymous to all the humanoids of the world. To the natural sovereign, they are not subjected to disease and death, for death cannot do anything against the natural sovereign.

The path to natural sovereignty is a very difficult one. Natural sovereignty is the straight and narrow path which leads to life and final liberation. Many are called, yet few are chosen. It is through chastity and the immaculate sexuality that one is reborn as a free soul under the Innermost. Natural sovereignty is impersonal. Natural sovereignty has nothing to do with personality. It is virtually impossible to reclaim natural sovereignty without psychologically dying from moment to moment. You must kill the sinning “I” in order to reclaim natural sovereignty.

You must be married in order to be born again. The king is an alchemist, or a magician. The king is the alpha, or aleph. The queen is a consort to the king, and she is the priestess-spouse. The queen is the beta, or beth. The king and queen is the alphabet to natural sovereignty. Marriage is the immaculate sexual connection of man and wife without spilling the divine energy. Within the cooperation of seven bodies of man and wife, this is the foundation of the Perfect Matrimony.

Behold, a natural sovereign is the king and queen of nature. The natural sovereign reigns with supreme power and with conscious authority.

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