Earth destroyed by fire

The Real Cause of Global Pollution


The global pollution is everywhere...

It is affecting the entire world visibly and invisibly...

It is extremely contagious against us...

The aggregating pollution dominates the four elements...

As of the outside, so is the inside...

The iron horses (cars, vans, and trucks) are overrunning the population of animals very rapidly...

toxic waste

The Solution?

Recycling and Reuse may solve most of the problems with global pollution. Electric and hybrid cars/trucks/vans may also solve most of the problems with global pollution. Yet this is not the permanent solution.

Behold the global warming; there are those who are planning to counteract this global warming by cooling the Earth. They believe that global warming contributes to pollution; however, global cooling is also not the permanent solution.

All of you are going to ask me (Juan Mirieth Auriel): The Real Solution?

The real solution is never going to be easy to accept; there are actually two solutions, yet you must choose one of the solutions. One is the difficult one which leads to life, and the other is very dreadful to your life. The choice you make will be entirely up to you.

The first solution in cleaning up the pollution is the following: you must renounce the orgasm (fornication) forever and perform the Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. The Arcanum A.Z.F. is the immaculate sexual alchemy which you must perform with your spouse. The definition of the Arcanum A.Z.F. goes by the following: Insert the virile member (phallus) into the vagina (uterus) and withdraw it without spilling the seed to orgasm. This sacred, sexual act must be performed slowly, soft, and peaceful. Both couples must control and conquer the tempting serpent of Eve. To conquer and control the tempting serpent is very difficult and requires great willpower to control it. This first solution is exceedingly difficult, yet it is the narrow path that leads to everlasting life.

The second solution is exceedingly dreadful for your life. If (by choice) you refuse to renounce fornication (or refusing to repent by chastity), you will be begging for the mercy of death when the Day of Purification arrives. The day of Purification has occurred at the End of the Atlanteans, and it will occur once again with this current root race (Aryan Root Race). This current root race, right now, is degenerated and is a lot worse than the Atlanteans; they are accepting and applauding degeneration.

The Day of Purification is the day in which all fornicators perish from the epidermis of the Earth and will be taken to the Abyss. Those who fornicate pave their roads to the abyss. Whenever all fornicators are fully eliminated, the human population reduction effect is accomplished.

One thought of the human population reductions, out of my thoughts, is the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County of Georgia, United States of America. The Georgia Guidestones are a set of guidelines in respect with population control, elimination of pollution, fair laws (Laws of the Elohim), etc. More information can be found by clicking on the link in the Reference section.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, speak like a Global Elitist (New World Order conspiracy) whenever I speak of intellectual-animalistic eugenics and global population control. I also speak for population control (more or less than 85% to 90% reduction of the world population) because the Earth is polluted thanks to those who accepted and applauded fornication. This is the only permanent solution for those who choose the path of fornication. Yod-Havah Elohim is not to be blamed for the pollution; we caused the pollution. For the real record: I will not kill you, yet I will not save you.

I have only given you two choices; you must choose wisely. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, will not save you; you must work on destroying the Ego (the Sinning “I”, Satan, etc.), and be born of fire and water. When you purify yourself from these things which are against the Elohim, Jesus Christ will save you.

Fornicators will not be saved. Jesus Christ does not save fornicators, only those who have purified themselves from all what is against the Elohim will Christ Jesus save. Should any fornicator cry out of the mercy of death saying: “Save us!”, the answer is the following: “It has been prophesied many times, and now it is too late. You will die with your women, your children, and your slaves. If the following root race follows this example, they will die as well.” Even your family and your friends are at risk of being destroyed by the Day of Purification, unless they are born of water and the spirit.

Behold the prophecy yet to happen: When the day of Purification arrives, all the fornicators will die from the houses of the royal ones to the houses of the poor and weak ones. There will always be survivors of the Day of Purification. The survivors of the Purification will be those who renounced fornication forever, killed their Egos, and practice white tantra with their spouses, bringing peace and harmony unto the world. These survivors will build the new world out of the Laws of the Elohim. These survivors will be the Sixth Root Race, helped by Zachariel (Genie of Jupiter).