The Green Tara

The Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation

The Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation are known as the Six Tibetan Rites. These rites are akin to modern yoga, yet this rejuvenation has many benefits. Out of my documentation of benefits, it includes the following lists if the Six Tibetan Rites are performed correctly:

I) Sexual transmutation II) Waking up very quickly in the morning III) Flexibility and the ability to move fluidly IV) Speedier than usual V) Atomic Energy VI) Able to lift heavy weights (physical capacity enhanced) VII) Sensation of upward spine activity inside oneself VIII) Mental capacity enhanced IX) The inward sensation of rejuvenation X) Re-connection with the divine XI) Regeneration of the brain

Modern yoga itself is martial arts. Then in the name of truth, the Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation is martial arts. This sacred martial arts is also a basic introduction to the art of Pranayama. From the word Pranayama, we see Prana. Prana is also the word for qi, ki, and sexual energy. Pranayama is the art of transmuting sexual energies upwards. One of the rites also includes chastity, yet this rite is more advanced than the other five. This rite will be introduced last after I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, reveal the first five Tibetan Rites to you. It is also one of my favorite methods of chastity.

You will also be introduced to the seven vortexes, not to be confused with the seven churches. There are seven vortexes are physically placed in major different parts of the body. When the six rites are performed, these rites activate all the seven vortexes into action. These seven vortexes are Vortexes A, B, C, D, E, F & G. Vortex A is located at the front of the forehead. Vortex B is located at the back of the head, on the pressure point. Vortex C is located at the vocal chords. Vortex D is located on the liver region. Vortex E is located at the human reproductive system. Vortexes F & G are located at each knee.

The Six Tibetan Rites that I will teach you will not be like modern Six Tibetan Rites from various websites. Most of what I will teach you will be from one of Samael Aun Weor's books called “The Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation”, as I have named my post from this book (please see reference below). It will also require you to know the seven vowels ( as IEOUAMS, from the known word JUAN or JOHN.

Rite I:

Using your yoga mat, stand upright with feet shoulder wide on the yoga mat. Extend your arms like wingtips. Your palms of the hands are facing downwards. Looking and gazing at your right fingertips (right index and middle fingers), spin clockwise twelve times while saying “Abra Sisma (S-ee-s-m-ah)” three times.

For those who have not been introduced to the Six Tibetan Rites, you must spin three times daily for one week. Then you increase your spins to five times daily the second week. Later you increase your spins to seven times daily the third week. Increase your spins by two times per week until you reach the maximum of twelve spins, taking you only an additional three weeks after 7 spins.

The word “Abra Sisma” is Open Sesame, from the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in One Thousand And One Nights. Open sesame is a magical phrase, which the mouth of the cave opens which leads to the hidden treasure. The Word Abra is from the sacred word: Abracadabra (אברא כדברא), meaning I create as I speak.

After you have reached your maximum spins, you may get dizzy. Drop to the yoga mat and lie down. The position of lying down is supine, the front of the body is facing upwards. Your arms are extended, forming a cross. Stay in this position until your dizziness completely fades away.

Rite II:

Once your dizziness completely fades away, lift your legs up. Use your hands to cup the legs on the upper thighs close to your knees. Speak “Abra Sisma” again three times. After saying “Abra Sisma” three times, stay in this position for as long as you can. Until you cannot, drop your legs and stand up on your knees facing eastward for the next rite.

Rite III:

There will be two parts of Rite III.

The first part is the Pranayama. By now, you must know the two serpents, Adam and Eve. If you do not know what the two serpents, please visit this link here to learn more ( The pranayama will consist of breathing through the nostrils while drawing semen from the foundation, the Yesod. There are two holes of the nostrils, which relate to the two serpent. Adam is the night nostril. Eve is the left nostril. This first part also requires mental concentration.

Begin by placing your index finger to close the Eve nostril, and breath in through the Adam nostril while mental saying “TON (as the word: tone)“. At the same time, draw the sexual energies upwards to your brain. Upon finishing your inhaling, close the Adam nostril with your thumb while mentally saying “SAH (S-AH)”, holding your breath. Until you cannot hold your breath, release the Eve nostril with your index finger, and exhale from the Eve nostril while mentally saying “HAM (H-AH-M).” After exhaling, breath in through the Eve nostril while mentally saying “TON.” At the same time, draw the sexual energies upwards to your brain. Upon finishing your inhaling, close the Eve nostril with your index finger while mentally saying “RAH (R-AH)”, holding your breath. Until you cannot hold your breath, release the Adam nostril with your thumb, and exhale from the Adam nostril while mentally saying “HAM (H-AH-M).” This completes the first repetition. Repeat this another two times.

After three repetitions, bend back while standing on your knees are far as you can without falling backwards. The ball of the feet are intact with the yoga mat. Stay in this position for as long as you can. This is the second part of Rite III.

Rite IV:

Rite IV, like Rite III, has three parts.

Sit straight-up on the yoga with your legs extended and intact with the yoga mat. The bottom is intact with the yoga mat. The heels of your feet are touching each other at the same time. Stay at this position for a few moments until you are ready to perform the next position. This is the first part.

You lift your bottom from the yoga and form a rectangle by the following words. The heels are still intact with each other, the knees are bent, the back is straight, the arms are holding your body perpendicular to the floor, and your head is straightened in parallel to the floor. Stay in this position for as long as you can. This is the second part.

Stand up on your knees, facing eastwards, and begin the Pranayama again like you would do for the first part of Rite III, repeating three times. That is all. This is the third part of Rite IV.

Rite V:

There are three parts of Rite V, like Rite IV, yet you must go into this first position.

You must assume the position of a lizard. You are standing only with your palm of your hands and your ball of your feet. The body is lifted off the ground. The head is parallel to the floor. The legs and the arms are are straightened. This is the first round.

Bend the head downwards so that the chin touches the neck. Bend backwards by the following order: The lower abdomen nearly touches the ground and the legs are bent with knees almost touching the ground. This is the second. It also completes a repetition.

Repeat these two rounds an additional four times.

After five repetitions, assume this position. The bottom is lifted upwards to form an inverted-V shape. The legs and arms are straightened. The head is pointed towards the ground. Assume this position for as long as you can.

The third part of Rite V involves placing your bottom on the wall and lifting your legs to rest on the wall. Your back is resting on the floor; the chest is facing up. You begin the third part for only five minutes per day. You increase another minute per day (six minutes on the second day). You will increase another minute day by day until you reach three hours, or 180 minutes, a day. It won't simply take exactly 175 days unless you are very lucky to fill in these times. In truth, it may actually take up to many years to reach three hours a day on the third part. He who reaches three hours a day has conquered death and restored his youth.

Rite VI:

This rite is more advanced than the other five rites again. This rite is special, since this rite will involve voluntary sexual transmutation. Breathing will also be involved along with very serious mental concentration. All forms of mental impurity must be eliminated while attempting Rite VI. Fornication may result if you fail to kill these mental impurities. Rite VI is for those who want to take on the Narrow Path, or the road back to the Garden of Eden. This rite must be practice privately, even if you have a spouse or not. If you have a spouse, she must practice this without seeing you. Please respect one's privacy. You must kill all forms of lust and desire.

Begin by standing on your feet shoulder wide. Place your hands on the hips while both of your arms are bent to form as a teapot. Slowly yet calmly, breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this one more time. After this repetition, do immediately the following:

Breath in through the nose filling up the lungs. Once the lungs are filled, bend down and exhale through the lungs at the same time. To bend down is the place your hands on the knees while bending down and exhaling. This current objective is to empty out the lungs.

Once the lungs are emptied, do not intake any breath. Immediate begin to massage the lower abdomen close to the phallus or uterus, killing all forms of lust and impurity in your mind. Females must massage both the left and the right side of the lower abdomen since the feminine reproductive system is located for sexual transmutation. Once the lower abdomen is massaged within a few crucial seconds, immediately massage strongly the phallus or uterus. You will notice a pressure point on the phallus or uterus. Upon massaging the phallus or uterus, slowly lift your back up at the same time massaging the phallus or uterus while also killing all forms of lust and impurity. You may notice a hunger for air almost once you straighten your back.

Once you notice a hunger for air, bring yours hands back to your hips where they first started. Immediately breathe in through the nose slowly, drawing the shemen, or sexual fluids, upwards. Exhale through the mouth. Do this two more times and that is all.

If Rite IV is performed correctly, you will almost immediately begin to feel your shemen going inwards and upwards through your spine. You will also feel your brain feeding shemen inside yourself. All that stored shemen in your sexual organs are trapped, emptied, and put into use. At this time, you must continue to kill all forms of lust and impurity while the sexual transmutation continues to take full effect. This effect last for no more than a couple minutes. You can only do Rite VI once daily.

In the name of truth, the Six Tibetan Rites of modern times are indeed a true failure. The Tibetan rites of modern times offer very little to no benefits. Also in the name of truth, these modern Tibetan Rites are manipulated by the humanoids in order to prevent humanity from returning to the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim. Even attempting the modern sixth rite will always result in nocturnal pollution after 18 to 21 days of chastity. I also noticed 21 spins on the modern Rite I will also not do. Repetitious movements on modern Rites II, III, IV, and V can easily tire the body, instead of rejuvenating the body. The modern Tibetan Rite is not appropriate for those who want to rejuvenate themselves. Do not turn to the Six Tibetan Rites of modern times, lest you will be deviated from the Path of Final Liberation. Only the Six Tibetan Rites by Samael Aun Weor, also made in this post, is the source to Final Liberation.