The Secret of Martial Arts

The Secret of Martial Arts

Behold, there are many secrets in honing martial arts. For those who do not know what the true definition of martial arts is, please see this link here:

This is the continuation from the link above. You know very well that martial arts is not about violence and fighting. Martial Arts is the Geburah, which is the Kabbalistic Sephiroth for power. Martial Arts is power. Like Da'ath, or knowledge in Hebrew, power is used for goodness or impurity. So likewise, sexuality is used for goodness or impurity. Chastity is goodness, yet fornication is impurity. He who uses power for violence is no martial artist; he is a terrorist. He who uses power for goodness is martial artist. So you now knowest that fighting and violence is not Geburah.

The key cores of martial arts are the body, the vitality, the balance, the battle, the art, the power, & the compassion. Your master in martial arts is the Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. The borderline of the key cores and the master is Da'ath. Your master is not of the earthly world; it is the one in the heavens, for it is written in Matthew 23:10, “Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.” You must deny your earthly master in exchange for your divine master who is your Innermost. Submit and show no subservience to no earthly master.

Your body must be trained. You must kill the sinning “I”. Your body must be adapted and tamed with chastity. The flesh is a wild animal that must be tamed with the whip of willpower. Do not succumb to the works of the flesh. Flesh and spirit contradict each other.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Gospel of Thomas, Verse 70

Its primary core of martial arts is chastity. Your own source of vitality is the stone, or the rock. The stone is the sexual seed within you. The sexual seed is shemen, or semen. You must trap sexual energy and put it into use. Its primary core of qigong itself is chastity.

There must be a delicate balance within oneself. There is a fast and a slow. There is a soft and a hard. If you are not slow, you cannot be fast. If you are not soft, you cannot be hard. So likewise, without the assimilation of feminine energies, there cannot be masculine energies. Within a man exists a female aspect; within a woman exists a male aspect.

There is an endless battle of goodness and impurity. It is an endless war. Sex itself is the battlefield. All forms of war are based on deception. In order to declare victory, you must know both yourself and the enemy. By knowing both the enemy and yourself, there is no need to be afraid of victory through endless battles.

Martial Arts is based on creativity. We all have imperfect bodies, so it is best to know your limitations. Its creativity is beauty. Its physical form of martial arts is like an artist who paints a serene picture. You can walk like a tiger: the one who walks with two feet paws (ball of the foot and five toes) and two hands (formed of a tiger paw) and gaining good clearance while also maintaining good spinal posture. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, would give the very definition of a tiger-style martial arts. This style was partially derived from the Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation. It can be any form that pleases you.

Martial Arts is power. With balance applied, self-control and patience is applied. With self-control, any attack is transmuted into a sexual-transmuted form, expelling all forms of violence, anger, and wrath. This is derived from the Eight-Piece Brocade Qigong: Angry Eyes Punching the Face. The punch is self-controlled, empty-minded, and extended through exhaling, and it is retracted upon inhale. This exercise is repeated with the other side and completes the first round. It is recommended to practice this exercise at least three times.This is one way to kill wrath and violence. It can also be applied with any attack that you know, yet creativity is the way.

Martial Arts is merciful and compassionate. There is no discipline within true martial arts. Martial Arts has nothing to do with discipline. A master does not discipline his students. The master helps his students. Whenever a martial artist teaches students to show no mercy, then this martial artist is indeed a sincere tyrant. A merciless, martial artists is sincerely mistaken. A tyrannical martial artists teaches students with discipline to be tyrants, and he is a worthy resident of the Abyss.

Knowledge is the borderline between master and student. It is through proper use of sexuality and knowledge that ones hones the skills of true martial arts.

As always, your master is your Innermost. It is your Innermost in which you serve and obey. The Kether is the heavenly father. The Chokmah is the heavenly son. The Binah is the Holy Spirit. The Master is the highest level than all seven lower levels of the Sephiroth. Your master is both male and female: androgynous. Even the Elohim are androgynous.

This is the hidden secret of Martial Arts.