The Systems of Ors

The Seven Metallic Planets of Alchemy

Within the planetary alchemy, there are seven planets. All humans and intellectual animals undergo planetary periods according to their age respectively. Here are the seven planetary periods that everyone undergoes respectively.

0 – 7 years: Lunar period. He is undergoing development with his mother and father. He is not allowed to be separated from his parents. He must be breastfed from his mother during this period. He cannot begin education at this period.

7 – 14 years: Mercurian period. He begins school and education at this time period. He is no longer confined to the limits of his development of his mother and father. His intelligence and intellect are developed during this period.

14 – 21 years: Venusian period. It is also called the romantic period. Heterosexual dating is very common. His sexual drive builds, yet his seed has not complete his development. The Arcanum A.Z.F. cannot be performed during this period; he must wait until age 21 years. This is called the teenage period. He must be taught chastity to avoid losing virility beyond age 42.

21 – 42 years: Solar period. He begins to conquer the sun. His sexual seed has completed his development; hence, he is permitted to practice the immaculate sexual magic with his spouse. he must utilize great willpower. It is the period of glory.

42 – 49 years: Martian period. He begins his just activity. The period of justice. He begins to plan his wise age. He has the willpower of an iron. He must be virile and just. Virility is easily lost beginning at age 42, if he squanders his sexual energy.

49 – 56 years: Jupiterian period. He is given a sceptor. His wealth determines his social status. His charity unto humanity gives him strong wealth, yet his greed and desire takes wealth away from him. Jupiter rules kings and queens. This is the period of mercy.

56 – 63 years: Saturnian period. Old age begins at this time period. It is the period of the Holy Spirit, or wise age. All people are judged so according to the Holy Spirit at age 63. Those who have not killed the sinning “i” before age 63 are recycled into the seven major planets under the combination of Saturn. Yet those who have been born of water and the spirit can bypass the recycling of the seven planets under the combination of Saturn and pass through Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and two more periods until acquiring the Elixir of Long Life.

63 – 70 years: Uranusian period. The period of white magic. It is the period of intelligence and the magicians. For the intellectual animals, this is the Saturn-Lunar period.

70 – 77 years: Neptunian period. The period of the Hierophants. The period of the crown. For the intellectual animals, this is the Saturn-Mercury period.

77 – 84 years: Pluto period. The time of conquering Pluto and the Lords of the Abyss. The period for Mahatmas. For the intellectual animals, this is the Saturn-Venus period.

Beyond the Pluto period, there follows two more transcending periods, yet the names of these two periods are not known. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, may assume that the names of the two periods are the following names below in respect with the Solar Systems of Ors.

84 – 96 years: Vulcan period.

96 – 103 years: Charion period.

103+ years: Elixir of Long Life is acquired.

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