The Solution to End All Wars

The Solution to End All Wars

Behold, ladies and gentlemen: it is hopefully still possible to end all wars. Yet, many or few of you will ask me, Juan Mirieth Auriel: How can we end all wars?

The war is a conflict between opposing forces or people. It is a force-in-arms between opposing people. Wars may or may not result in causalities, depending on the severity of the conflict. The resulting deaths against the wills of other people are the result of their consciousnesses asleep. The people are the humanoids, not humans. And thus when the humanoid or human willingly expels the sexual energy through the orgasm, the soul dies, and the essence is put to eternal sleep. When the soul dies, the demon is born. This terribly, preverse demon is a host of legions called the sinning “I”, Ego, Satan, or psychological aggregates. The demon is always subjected to the beginning and an end; hence, the demon is always subjected to the laws of eternal return.

All humanoids are born and die against their will. They are always subjected to disease and death. They are always subjected to pain, accidents, and bitterness. They cannot see or hear anything of the interior worlds. They do not know the mysteries of life and death. They are not kings or queens of nature, nor they do not have power over the elements of nature. They are inhabitants of the Abyss; hence, they are not granted to go to the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah. If the humanoids were to go to heaven as a vacation break, they remain only for a limited amount of time. All humanoids, or the 97% or 99%, are the living dead.

The living dead are the humanoids. All humanoids give birth to their devils through the improper use of sexuality. This improper use of sexuality is fornication. Behold: fornication is a deadly disease, which is a cancer to this planet. Sorcery, or black tantra, is a lethal plague. Chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F., on the other hand, are the cure against all forms of sexual impurities.

The sinning “I” has multiple characteristics and behaviors like a virus. The sinning “I” desires and wants to live. It does not want to die, for it is truly afraid of death. The sinning “I” is truly incapable of true ahava; it only knows lust and desire. The sinning “I” does not know peace; it only knows conflicts, strife, violence, wrath, and fights. The sinning “I” is a hubris, or an attempting superbia to surpass all others of the world. The sinning “I” is indeed a true criminal, born from the underworld. The sinning “I” is known to attempt or commit endless sins of fornication and sorcery against the will of others. Then in the name of truth, the sinning “I” is the antithesis of the essence. The true source of all creations of wars is the sinning “I”.

Ladies and gentlemen: I give unto you the permanent solution to end all wars. Yet, you have only one choice: You must kill the sinning “I”.

This feat is extraordinarily difficult to do, since the behavior of the sinning “I” does not want to die. It wants to survive, that is all. Out of the preverse book of black magic will the sinning “I” use countless tricks against you in order to continue its existence. The sinning “I” will fight for its life when threatened to death.

Fear not! There is some wisdom from The Art of War by Sun Tzu. If you realize yourself and know the enemy, there is no fear of the results of endless battles. If you realize yourself yet fail to know the enemy, for every victory you gain will suffer in a defeat. If you not realize yourself and fail to know the enemy, you will be defeated in every battle. Behold: the battlefield is sexuality. The enemy is your sinning “I” that you must kill. In order to kill the sinning “I”, it is important that you realize yourself.

To realize yourself is to know. To know is sexual. Comprehension is sexual. Because the foundation of the sinning “I” is fornication, it is chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F. that is the source of comprehension. You must be aware of the behavior of the sinning “I”. It can be identified through many things. Through many things is the nest of materialism. It is best to kill a legion one by one through comprehension. To realize yourself is to deny yourself of all desires, take up the cross of sexual alchemy with your spouse, and sacrifice for others by divine will.

To realize yourself is also to connect sexually with a spouse without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm. He who fornicates will inevitably fail. For the Arcanum A.Z.F., you must realize yourself that you are married and deny all desires of women around the world except your spouse. It is adultery to desire any women around the world. Only through marriage and chastity can the Kundalini be awakened. For those who are single, you must also deny all desires of women around the world, online and offline. You must also practice chastity and upright sexuality in order to wait for your spouse to arrive.

Upon awakening the Kundalini, you are ready to take on the legions of the sinning “I”s. Know the behavior, the characteristics, and the weaknesses of the sinning “I”. This is how you begin to win endless battles. This is how you kill your psychological aggregates with the help of your Divine Mother Kundalini. Hence, there is no fear for the results of endless battles ahead of you as long as you realize yourself and know the sinning “I”.

As long as the sinning “I” continues to exist within every man and woman, there is absolutely no peace, yet endless wars, strife, and conflicts. Only when all the legions of sinning “I” truly dies, the human soul is born again of water and the spirit. Hence, one gives the birth of Christ through sexual alchemy. Only when the sinning “I” truly dies, all wars will be obsolete and extinct, and peace will reign the earth as long as everyone practices chastity and the immaculate sexual magic with one's spouse.