The Sphere of Influence

The Sphere of Influence

Everything born of sex has a sphere of influence. We, including you, have a sphere of influence. Animals have a sphere of influence. Plants, stones, minerals, and rocks have a sphere of influence. Angels too have a sphere of influence, yet their SOI (Sphere of Influence) is intuitively stronger and brighter. The Elohim also have an SOI. Yah-Hovah Elohim also has an SOI. Planets, Solar systems, and galaxies also have a Sphere of Influence. All types of Weather have a Sphere of Influence. Clouds, including thunderstorms and hurricanes, have a sphere of influence. Be warned: demons and devils also have a sphere of influence, yet their SOI is intellectually stronger, denser, and heavy.

A Sphere of Influence is a sexual energetic field that surrounds a living organism. Sex itself is energy and power. Sex has the power to create or destroy. Sex can be impure (fornication) or good (chastity). Sex can be worshipful or corrupted into the path of an animal. Sex can help someone ascend to heaven (revolution) or pave his own road to the abyss (involution). Sex is the natural function of a living organism. A Sphere of Influence in astronomical terms is a planet's, sun's, or galaxy's energetic field of gravity.

Another name for SOI is an Aura. Aur (אור) is Hebrew for light. Aura can also be spelled as Aurah, Ora, Orah, or Or-Hei (אורה). An Aura is a womb of light, or an energetic womb of light surrounding the organism.

There are 7 levels of the SOI, and these seven-fold levels are also related with the lower 7 sephiroths of the Tree of Life. They are Physical, Vital, Astral, Mental, Causal, Atmic, and Buddhic. Physical is Malkuth. Vital is Yesod. Astral is Hod. Mental is Netzach. Causal is Tiphereth. Buddhic is Geburah. Atmic is Chesed. All the 7 sub-levels of the SOI are the seven bodies within ourselves.

You can also be immersed into someone's SOI seven-fold. If you are a man and happened to walk by someone in close range (within 2 feet) who is a female, you will notice your sexual energies surge upwards. Her seven bodies can influence you dynamically. She could be beautiful and have a stronger mentality. She could also have stronger astral powers more than you suspect. Her sphere of influence is stronger. If you do not have sufficient willpower, you will find yourself sexually hypnotized by that woman.

Beware of a monstrous and an abominable criminal. Whosoever murders a man is at least a thousand times more monstrous and abominable, which can emit a very dense SOI. Dense SOI is dominantly fear and hate, which words cannot describe. Whosoever carries a very dense SOI is extremely dangerous and must not be underestimated. Black Magicians can also emit very dense SOI. Even black-eyed children (created by sorcery and are not aliens) are known to have very strong intellects and also emit a very dense SOI (by the looks of their pitch-black eyes with no white on the eyeballs). Black Magicians can cloak their dense SOI with their masquerading-lighter SOI. Even Samael Aun Weor said in his book in the Major Mysteries: “Spiritual devotees always cover their worst evilness with smiles and very sweet words.”

There also exists a dyad in sexuality, or also known as dyad in the works. A dyad in sexuality is a sexual bond created by man and wife in the sacred and immaculate sexuality (Arcanum A.Z.F.). Once the sexual bond is created, it is permanent and irreversible. The more experienced in the sacred art of Arcanum A.Z.F., the stronger the sexual bond. Even man and wife (despite gender differences), through the sexual bond, can think alike, walk alike, and do alike. They can also telepathically communicate with each other through their sexual bond. This is because both man's and wife's SOIs are unified not merely the physical level, also vital, astral, mental, causal, buddic, and atmic levels. Once the dyad in sexuality is created, the powers of both man and wife are balanced and amplified (enhanced).

Practice: Communicating with someone's SOI.

Remember to utilize your sexual energies properly by means of chastity and the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. Read, yet do not hypnotize, their seven levels of their SOIs. Who they are defines their sexual behavior. Their sexual behavior is their fruits. Whosoever recommends fornication carries an impure fruit. Whosoever recommends chastity carries a fruit of goodness.

Be very cautious on their density of someone's SOI. Be also very mindful of their dense SOI, even when they masquerade it with their so-called light SOI. Those who have dense SOI carry a very strong intellect. You must develop telepathy. This sacred vowel which activates telepathy is the letter “U” (pronounced OO as in tune).

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