Starry night

The Superior Magic Of the Universe

There is a superior magic within the universe. Within the universe also applies to the solar systems, planets, organisms, trees, plants, and animals. Even the weather, clouds and thunderstorms, also have superior magic. Water itself is born of sex.

In the Star Wars franchise, it is called the Force. In Chinese medicine, it is called Qi. In India, it is called prana. There is also another name for the superior magic in the universe. However, this name is sensitive and can also be taboo among the world of the intellectual animals; hence, this knowledge is only suitable for mature audience.

The Superior Magic of the Universe is called Sex, since we discuss sexual themes a lot. It is also known as sexual energy. The universe is born of sex. The solar system is born of sex. Planets, themselves, are born of sex. Plants and trees are born of sex. Rocks and minerals are born of sex. Elementals are born of sex. Animals are born of sex. Humanoids are born of sex. Humans themselves are born of sex. Angels are also born of sex. Everything that is alive and intelligent are born of sex. Sex is the natural function of the organism.

Be warned: demons are also born of the improper use of sex. The sinning ā€œIā€ itself is born out of fornication. Out of improper use of sexuality gives birth to infra-sexuality. Infra-sexuality is below or before normal sexuality. Those who morally hate sex are infrasexuals.

Sex itself is the untapped source of power within us. It can be utilized for telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, ahava, supra-hearing, chastity, and the Kundalini awakening. Sex can be versatile in utilization for nearly anything, yet only by the will of Yah-Hovah Elohim. You must feel the power of sex around you. You can also utilize the power of sex with your spouse through the Arcanum A.Z.F., which is the immaculate sexual magic.

To tap in the power of sex, you must practice chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. You must voluntarily transmute the seminal liquor upwards to be used as energy. You must feel the power of sex around you. You can utilize sex for qigong, falun gong, and tai chi practices (as examples). It can also be utilized in the Five Tibetan Rites. This is the superior magic of the universe.