The Truth About Vaccines

The Truth About Vaccines

What are vaccines, ladies and gentlemen?

Vaccines are preparations of any type that is “specifically” used as a preventative inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease.

Yet in truth, do vaccines work?

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, respond the following: Vaccines do not work.

There is absolutely no evidence, even from the mouth of the “materialistically-consecrated doctors” or black books of the medical system, stating that vaccines do not work. Whosoever says that vaccines really work are sincere liars and are also inhabitants of the Abyss.

There is however a secret cause in virtually all cases of disease. This secret cause of disease is derived from the unforgivable sin of fornication.

Those who commit fornication create the intellectual animals and give birth and fuel to the sinning “I”.

The sinning “I” is the real cause of all hosts of disease, like it is also the real cause of all wars and conflicts of the world.

Those who commit the unforgivable sin are among the living dead. The living dead are always subjected to disease and death against their will. They die and are born against their will. The living dead are residents of the Abyss.

Yet those who push for the propaganda of vaccines as mandatory laws are indeed black magicians. Those who do not respect the free will of others are also indeed black magicians.

Vaccines when coupled with the sinning “I” greatly increases the chance of contracting the disease. A smallpox vaccines will always bring forth smallpox. A typhus vaccines will also bring forth typhus. Whenever a coronavirus vaccine is created, there will always be a great chance of contracting the coronavirus.

The only known cure against all diseases, including fornication, is not only vitamins, sunshine, pure water, and good nourishment. You also practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. It is the immaculate sexual alchemy that you must practice with your spouse without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm.

Vaccines are indeed a true failure. Vaccines do not prevent disease for the living dead. The living dead, the humanoids, are always subjected to disease and death. Vaccines are based on theoretical quackery by medical, know-it-all scoundrels. As a result, vaccines do not work.