The Virgin of Carmel and Christ Jesus

The Two Marys

Be warned...

I) St. (Saint) Mary is Santa Maria in Spanish.

II) St. Mary (Santa Maria) is the Black Mary that the Black Magicians (or the Black Lodge) worship, the abominable mother kundabuffer.

III) The abominable mother kundabuffer is also the Hindu Goddess Kali.

IV) Saint Mary of witchcraft and black magic is abhorred by the White Magicians.

Fear not...

I) The Virgin Mary is the White Mary.

II) The Virgin Mary is the Virgin of Carmel, whom the chaste initiates (White Lodge) worship.

III) The Virgin Mary is the Divine Mother Kundalini.

IV) The Virgin Mary is morally hated by the Black Magicians.

V) The Shiva-Shakti, in the Hindu tradition, is the union of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother Kundalini.

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