The Virgin of Carmel and Christ Jesus

The Virgin of Carmel

Behold, the Virgin Mary is our Lady of Mount Carmel. She is the Virgin with the twelve stars with the moon beneath her feet.

The Virgin Mary is not depicted in the ancient paintings such as Michelangelo's painting of Madonna. It is also neither the Leonardo Da Vinci's portrayal of the Virgin Mary. It is not what the sculptures personify the Virgin. She does not wear a purple tunic. Her complexion is not clear as snow. It is not what the watercolor paintings from the world personify her. All of these fantasies completely disappear.

Her modest appearance goes by the following: We see a brunette virgin. Her complexion is burned by the desert sun. She humbly wears a Carmelite or brown tunic with leather sandals.

The Virgin Mary is the mother of the divine redeemer of the world. She undertook vows of chastity since she was a child. She was initiated into the mysteries of Egypt. Egypt symbolically represents the school of knowledge. The Divine Redeemer of the World is the great Kabir Jesus Christ. She is also the Divine Mother Kundalini.

Kundalini is a compound word. Kunda reminds us about the abominable kundabuffer. The Kundabuffer is the serpent that is awakened negatively through the art of sorcery and fornication. Lini is an Atlantean word, meaning to kill or eliminate. So, Kundalini is the elimination the abominable kundabuffer, created by sorcery and fornication. Behold, this abominable mother kundabuffer is Saint Mary, the Witch Queen of the Abyss.

Bonus #1: Names of the Divine Mother Kundalini

Then in the name of truth, the Virgin Mary is the Divine Mother Kundalini. The Divine Mother Kundalini (Kundalini in Hebrew is Shekhinah) has many names, and she can appear in many forms. The Divine Mother has many names. Here are the many names that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, know of for now. Most of the names are mostly from memory and also from the Gnostic Teachings website.

Christianity: Virgin Mary (the Virgin of Carmel).

Greeks: Athena, Cybele, Hera

Hinduism: Shakti, Durga, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Parvati

Buddhism: Maya, mother of Buddha

Aztec: Tonantzin

Egyptian: Isis

Bonus #2: The Limit of the Divine Mother Kundalini

Whenever you begin chastity as a single, the Divine Mother Kundalini is always there for you.

However, she has a limit that she can go while you are a single.

The single initiate cannot awaken the Kundalini without a spouse. A single initiate cannot also return to the Garden of Eden without the spouse. Likewise, you, as a single, cannot return to the Yesod (‫(יסוד‬ Sephiroth.

Whenever the Gnostic single reached the limit of the Divine Mother Kundalini, she will remind her single children that it is me to get married in order for her to continue on helping her children.

This invocation is spoken for a very good reason. A man is not a man without a woman. Likewise, a woman is not a woman without a man. As a result, her limit for single children is exactly between the internal elevation of Eve and Ishe (

Once her limit is reached for single children, then it is me to get married. You cannot go to heaven without being born again. You cannot go to heaven without being married. For single initiates who want to get married, the me will happen.

If you are single, you are meant to be single for the time being. This is where the single initiate must have his full patience for the spouse to arrive. Think of this unexpectedly.

When it is time to get married, your spouse will be there. When your spouse appears, you will have to accept her (or him if you, my reader, are a female). Then, you will have to talk to your newly-met spouse about Gnosis, Yoga, Science, etc.

Once your spouse appears, you must begin to slowly elevate her from Eve into the Ishe.

Only by chastity and marrying your spouse will the Kundalini awaken. Only by chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F. can allow you and your spouse to return to Eden.

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Reference: – Sarasvati – Lakshmi – Parvati