Guardian Angel

Transverse Lines

Transverse Lines are lines on the forehead of a man and woman. Lift up the eyebrows, and there you will find grand canyons on your forehead. There range from 1 transverse line to a maximum of 7 transverse lines. You can also find your planetary ray as I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, had.

Here are the number of transverse lines in respect to planetary archangels:

I) 1 transverse line – Lunar Ray – Gabriel (גבריאל) II) 2 transverse lines – Mercurian Ray – Raphael (רפאל) III) 3 transverse lines – Venusian Ray – Uriel (אוריאל) IV) 4 transverse lines – Solar Ray – Michael (מיכאל) V) 5 transverse lines – Martian Ray – Samael (סמאל) VI) 6 transverse lines – Jupiteran Ray – Zachariel (זכריאל) VII) 7 transverse lines – Saturnian Ray – Orifiel (יופיאל)

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