Let us dispel the conspiracy theories, lies, and myths about UFOs, ladies and gentlemen.

First of all: there are no aliens. There are no Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, etc. Where you have heard of or think you know about this “so-called” truth is irrelevant. There are channelers of the “so-called” aliens that are actually possessed by demons disguising themselves as aliens. Demons are excellent masqueraders; you will know them by their fruits. There exists however, Extraterrestrials. These extraterrestrials are not depicted from the movies of E.T., Men in Black film series, Star Wars saga, etc. The only extraterrestrials that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am referring to are cosmic humans.

The cosmic humans do exist on a higher level of nature. The cosmic humans are indeed truly humans. They are very intelligent. These cosmic humans have already conquered space not by conquering others, yet by conquering themselves. They are indeed kings and queens of nature. They are from either Mars, Venus, Mercury, the moons of Jupiter, etc. They do have compassion and deeds of goodness. Their technology is far advanced than ours.

A case had happened prior to the New York Blackout of 1965. Two USA jet fighters were sent out to destroy the two UFOs. As the fighters were pursuing, one of the UFOs has escaped into infinite space. The other UFO landed on the Syracuse power plant and caused the blackout.

The intellectual animals do not welcome the cosmic humans with upmost respect; instead, they desired to shoot down the UFOs and imprison the cosmic humans for UFO study. Their desire is to impurely conquer space. This desire will never be satisfied. They have been brainwashed by the Beast in accepting cosmic humans as enemies. The intellectual animals believe they are humans, or kings and queens of nature, yet they are truly not humans. The main motive for the New York blackout of 1965 is to remind the intellectual animals of their unconscious and shameful state.

The cosmic humans are very elusive from the captive clutches of the intellectual animals. They remain hidden from the eyes of the intellectual animals. Forcing a cosmic human to appear out of desire will not do.

As stated from one of my posts, Prison Planet, intellectual animals do not have the right to travel from planet to planet. The interplanetary-travel right solely belongs to the true human, born of fire and water. Earth is the prison planet, or a zoo, for the intellectual animals. The intellectual animals are not allowed to escape from their zoo. Surely the intellectual animal can hate their “zoo”. Should the intellectual animals attempt to escape from the prison planet, they will be fulminated according to the law. All intellectual animals have their residence to the Abyss, for the intellectual animals are prisoners of the Abyss.

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The UFOs are the unidentified flying objects that the intellectual animals are referring to. The UFOs are the flying saucers. Cosmic humans do not need space rockets; they only need flying saucers to travel from planet to planet.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have not yet met the extraterrestrials. When I do, I will reveal my experiences on one of the future posts so it confirms what I revealed to you.