Volcanoes are mountains that are awake.

Its blood is fire. Its inner chamber is magma.

Out of their mouths vomit lava and fire.

The archangel Samael is the king of volcanoes. All volcanoes must be respected with nature.

A mountain that sleeps is an inactive volcano.

A mountain that awakes is destined to be a volcano.

An awakened mountain can spew avalanches that bury the fornicators to the ground.

The awakened mountain likes to smoke for leisure out of its mouth before blowing its head.

Whenever the ground awakes, it is called an earthquake.

Volcanoes are atomic, destructive, and powerful.

Those who fornicate (those who do not heed these warnings) are immolated by the destructive power of the volcano and cast into everlasting fire.

He who awakens the lower three churches has power over volcanoes and lava.

Volcanoes have the power to create thunderstorms of fire and brimstone. Even the driest lightning is derived from the powers of the volcano. Volcanoes can create windstorms of fire. Volcanoes can create toxic fogs of ash. Then in the name of truth, volcanoes have the power to manipulate weather.

Volcanoes are both creators and destroyers. Volcanoes can create tall mountains by themselves, or shape the land whatever it seems fit. Volcanic eruptions can also destroy totally or partially any mountain.