Why do Intellectual Animals Hate Sexual Magic?

I have received this question recently as it were revealed in my mind, perhaps if it were one of the frequent questions needed to be answered. So: Why do intellectual animals hate sexual magic?

This was initially the most difficult (or a challenging) question to answer until I found two keywords to begin answering this complex question: sexual and magic.

To begin with, let us first look at this simplified question: Why do intellectual animals hate sex?

Those who hate sex are infrasexual. Infrasexuality is not normal sexuality; it is below-normal sexuality. There are two types of infrasexuality in the Klipoth (literally empty shell or hell): Lilith (לילית) and Nahemah (נעמה). Lilith and Nahemah are also the named daughters of Lot (Genesis 19:30-38 does not reveal the names of Lot's daughters). Lilith was the firstborn. Nahemah was the youngest daughter. Both are accountable of getting Lot intoxicated so that the two daughters raped him without any knowledge. Both daughters became pregnant and bore children.

Lilith by John Collier 1887

Lilith is the abominable mother of homosexuality, masturbation, sexual degeneration, abortions, and all crimes against nature. Lilith is Hebrew for Night Visitor; in addition, there is another Hebrew name meaning doorway to night: Delilah (דלילה). Delilah (Lilith) is responsible for cutting the hair of Samson (שמשאון), representing fornication. Lilith is also the mother of incubi and sucubi, created by those who spill the seed by masturbation and fornication. Lilith is also the vampire queen. All vampires are homosexuals that morally hate the cross (heterosexuality). Homosexuals are either Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, or Transgender. Those under the influence of Lilith is sexually degenerated; escaping from the Sphere of Lilith is exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

Nahemah is the abominable mother of malignant beauty, prostitutes, adultery, and all forms of fornication. For the one who commits adultery, the White Lodge reserves the right to take away his rightful spouse to toss the adulterer into the malignant arms of Nahemah. Fornicators, prostitutes, and adulterers are under the influence of Nahemah; escaping from the Sphere of Nahemah is possible, yet not as difficult than the Sphere of Lilith.

The antithesis of both Lilith and Nahemah is Anael (חניאל). Anael is the Angel of Ahava. It is written in the sixth invocation of the Conjuration of the Seven: “In the divine and human name of El Shaddai, and by the sign of pentagram that I hold in my right hand! In the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Yah-Hovah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah!” Anael represents the planet Venus, whose regent of Auriel.

The second question will be simplified as the following: Why do intellectual animals hate magic?

The intellectual animals who hate magic do not know how the manage the forces of nature, for they are slaves to the forces of nature. The intellectual animals have committed the unforgivable sin of fornication and are expelled from the Garden of Eden. Those who fornicate are no longer able to manage the forces of nature; they are simultaneously enslaved by the forces of nature.

Now we arrive at this question: Why do intellectual animals hate sexual magic?

The resolved answer now goes by the following: The intellectual animals morally hate sexual magic because they do not really know the difference between real sexuality and infrasexuality. The humanoids confuse sexuality with infrasexuality, going far into defending infrasexuality (fornication) as normal. All humanoids confuse sexuality with fornication. All humanoids are not sexual beings; they are infrasexual beings which their residences are in the Abyss. All humanoids are slaves to the forces of nature. For the infrasexuals, the Abyss is their path to their Second Death. Real sexuality is the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F., which is the true source of liberation.






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