Traces of Ahava

Why Does Divorce Exist?

Why does divorce exist? But first, what is divorce? A divorce is the formal separation of husband and wife according to their established customs. What causes divorce?

There are three causes of divorce. One of the major causes of divorce is adultery ( The ninth commandment ( clearly states that you must not commit adultery or desire your neighbor's spouse. He who commits adultery lack judgment and will spiritually destroy himself. He who commits adultery while married will break the heart of his spouse. In the name of truth, I even had my ex-uncle (whom I will not name) who committed adultery many years ago; not only that, my ex-uncle was unfaithful to my biological aunt. Fortunately, both my aunt and ex-uncle were officially divorced starting at the year 2000. He who commits adultery with his neighbor's spouse will lose the will to his rightful spouse, or his true love ( The White Lodge has the power to give you your true love (spouse); however, the White Lodge also has the power to take away your rightful spouse should you choose to commit adultery. Like fornication, adultery is an unforgivable sin. Women who commit adultery must have their hair shaven as punishment.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have warned you many times that fornication is an unforgivable sin. Fornication, or sexual immorality, is also a common ground of divorce. Fornication is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Fornication is also known as sexual desire. All sexual desires will never be satisfied. To fornicate is to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He who eats the forbidden fruit is expelled from the Garden of Eden ( He who fornicates breaks the everlasting joys of the honeymoon. He who fornicates ends the Perfect Matrimony. In the name of truth, I had a older cousin who committed fornication with his former girlfriend; both broke up after fornication, and the unforgiving sin resulted in the birth of a child ( Traces of true ahava are all gone by the sin of fornication.

You can also lose your rightful spouse should you undertake the oath of the Black Lodge. It is the Black Lodge which teaches the fatal doctrine of fornication, backward creeds, and the awakening of the abominable Kundabuffer. Those who say that black tantra is the true source to final liberation are sincere liars. Recommending black magic and fornication to your spouse is a one-way ticket to divorce. Do this, and your spouse will never follow you.

How does one prevent divorce?

Divorce can only be prevented by trending on the Narrow Path. You must be married in order to return to the Garden of Eden. You must teach and train your spouse chastity, Gnosis, and white tantra (; she will follow you. Whenever the Perfect Matrimony is performed, this process is permanent and irreversible ( The secret key to the Perfect Matrimony is the following: insert the virile member into the vagina and withdraw it without spilling the divine energy. The key is True Ahava. This is the Arcanum A.Z.F.. Once you are married, you will not put asunder. Once married, you will not divorce your spouse except for sexual impurity. By sex, you and your spouse are permanently binded physically, mentally, and spiritually. All seven bodies of man and woman are united together through the Holy Matrimony. This is how man and woman are united into one flesh. You must remember that you have a spouse, if you are married. Do not allow yourself to be led astray by a beautiful woman. Should a beautiful woman tempt you into adultery, do not consent or better yet: die. It is better to sacrifice yourself for your spouse rather than fall into adultery. The honeymoon and true Ahava will last for a lifetime when the Perfect Matrimony is performed.